Community Spotlights

At bloom we want to shine the light on individuals inspiring and empowering others. The men and women below especially stood out to us as great role models. Click their pictures to read more about each of these leaders. Have someone to recommend for a feature? Nominate them with the form at the bottom of this page!

Sharman Nittoli

Founder of Live Your Bloom

Brittany and Courtney

Owners of Protea Lane

Jennifer Refat

Owner of Craftic

Cait Hess

Graphic Designer and Brand Marketing Specialist

Pascha Shepard

Planner Icon and Wellness & Mental Health Activist

Jhenelle Anglin

MBA Student, Spoonie/ Chronic Illness Warrior

Lorena Hixson

Owner of Passion and Growth

Brittany Brown

Blogger, Disney Fanatic, and bloom Community Member

Kelly, Jill, Martina, and Laura

Wings For Success Team

Dave Sylvester

The Human High Five

Kristi Bahgat

Online Business Manager and Personal Development Guru

Lauren Ladouceur

Planner Blogger and Personal Development Guru

Hannah Johnston

Americorps Volunteer

Kelsey Machado

Interior Designer, Product Creator, Spoonie, and Chronic Illness Warrior

Anel Aguirre-Cervantes

Business Owner, Podcast Host, and Total #plannerbabe

Jess Ivey

Singer, Artist, and Eternal Optimist

Kelly Carpenter

Creator of She, Mindfully

Corinne DeCristoforo

Small Business Owner, Surfer, and Yogi

Siobhan O'Dwyer

Creative Influencer and Cover Design Collaborator

Rachel Mahalow

Health and Fitness Coach

Taylor Young

Mother, Nurse, Student, and #instafamous Planner Babe

Courtney Gabrus

Disability and Mental Awareness Advocate

Jessica Seib

Full Time Working Mom, Surrogate Mother, and Etsy Shop Owner

Jessica Gingrich

Super #bloomgirl

Grace Moyd

Founder of WritefullyHis

Jamie and Tara Levy

Founders of Savvy Sisters Media

Cleere Cherry

Founder of Cleerely Stated

Stephanie Tini

5 Year Cancer Survivor

Jessica Santander

Founder of Project Moment Designs

The Frankel Sisters

A Singer/Songwriter Duet

Adriana Carrig

Founder and CEO of Little Words Project

Jodi Cianci

Co-Founder of Shake It Off & Parkinson's Advocate

Deanna Saracino

Founder of La Cle

Our Mom's For Mother's Day!

The women who raised the bloom team

Julia Morsberger

Mama, Teacher, and Girl Boss

Jessica Joy

Fine Artist and Founder of Project Joy Studio

Cindy Ortiz

Breast Cancer Survivor

Rose Gleichowski

Owner/Health Coach at Ideal Weight Management, LLC

Neely Beattie

bloom's 2017 Cover Design Contest Winner

Liz Forkin Bohannon

Founder of Sseko Designs

Michelle Tillotson

Aerospace Engineer

Tracy Negoshian

Clothing Designer, Entrepreneur & Fashion Enthusiast

Avery Beer

Blogger and Mental Health Advocate

Melissa Sutton

Entrepreneur and Owner of Rooster Naturals

Brynn Close

Miss Delaware Teen USA

Kristen Tomlan

Founder and CEO of Dō

Kate Kresser

High School Student and Etsy Shop Owner

Miracle Olatunji

Founder of OpportuniME

Lynda Daring

Founder & CEO, Daring Celebrations

Marion Hess

Owner of Kennett Design

Vinutha Rattehalli

Graphic Artist

Rachael Gilbert

Momma, Business Owner, Influencer, and Podcast Host

Valerie Weisler

Founder & CEO, The Validation Project

Sage Schwer

Founder & CEO, Porch Finds

Angela Cruz

Health and Fitness Coach

Rachel Tenny

Artist and Mental Health Therapist

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