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At bloom, we believe in the power of random acts of kindness! The idea for our new Act of Kindness Cards came from a recent company retreat in Florida. We went to the Magic Kingdom one day, and we had the idea to use our Belief Cards and surprise a few lucky guests with some random love! We wrote on the back of each card, "You've been hit with a random act of kindness! Hope you are having an AMAZING day at Disney! Consider paying it forward (in any way) and seeing how much love we can spread!" From buying hot chocolate and ice cream, to surprising children with light up Mickey Mouse ears, we saw how powerful these small gestures could be. Our acts of kindness not only effected the recipients, but they also effected the people around us who witnessed these actions, as well as ourselves, as we felt the pure joy of giving with no intent to get back. It was so powerful!

From this day, Act of Kindness Cards were born! These are different from Beleif Cards in that they have a PRE-WRITTEN message on the back, so they are meant to be used spontaneously, whenever an opportunity to be kind presents itself. How large is your wake?! How much love can you spread?

Need some ideas on how to be kind? We've compiled a list of our favorite acts of kindness below!


  • Put quarters in an expired meter
  • Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Donate clothing
  • Gift someone an old book of yours you think they’d like
  • Bake something for your neighbor
  • Call your grandparents just to chat
  • Pick up litter around your neighborhood
  • Sincerely compliment your boss
  • Hold the elevator
  • Leave an extra tip for your waiter/waitress
  • Donate used books to a library
  • Be a welcoming neighbor/write your neighbor a note
  • Leave quarters at a laundry mat
  • Bake someone a cake/cookies
  • Cook a meal for someone
  • Give away your parking spot
  • Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home
  • Babysit for a single mom for free
  • Do the dishes even if it's your roommate's turn
  • Leave a nice letter in a library book
  • Write cards to children at a local children's hospital
  • Say thank you when you see service members
  • Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people right now
  • Bring doughnuts (or a healthy treat, like cut-up fruit) to work
  • While you're out, compliment a parent on how well-behaved their child is
  • Help someone unload groceries at the store
  • Cook a meal or do laundry for a friend who had a baby or just needs a hand
  • If you walk by a car with an expired parking meter, put a quarter in it
  • Each time you get a new piece of clothing, donate an old one
  • Email or write an old teacher who made a difference in your life
  • Bring flowers to nurses at your local hospital
  • Talk to the shy person who's sitting by themselves at a party
  • Create activity bags for families of deployed soldiers
  • Be the person who puts a tip in the tip jar at the coffeeshop
  • Put bloom Belief Cards or Kindness Cards on the mirrors in restrooms
  • Pay the toll for the person behind you
  • Rake leaves or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor
  • Give up your seat to someone (anyone!) on the bus or subway
  • Donate socks and supplies to the homeless shelter.
  • Walk dogs at the animal shelter
  • Give a lottery ticket to a stranger
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Leave sweet notes around the house for a spouse/sibling/child
  • Give blood

Have you been effected by the giving or receiving of an act of kindness? Share your story below and/or use #letkindnessbloom on instagram!

Thank you for sharing your story and spreading the love!!
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"I will never forget it but I ran into a lady outside of Target.. she had looked as if something was wrong.. I handed her a kindness card & told her have a blessed day. A few seconds passed & she came running up to me thanking me for this and how she was just praying God would give her a sign that everything would be okay. She had lost faith in God and was lost .. she needed to know if there was kindness in the world because all she had been seeing was hate. We talked and shared our stories and at the end she kneeled and said, 'Thank you God..... you sent me an angel when I was at my weakest.'" -Jessica G.

"Thank you very much to the person who paid for my coffee at Wawa today! When I approached the check out counter, the cashier said it's free and handed me the card. It made my morning! It was very unexpected but very much appreciated! Thank you! After looking at your website I see that you do so many wonderful acts of kindness! Please continue your work! Bloom Planners are making people smile again! Thanks again!"  - Amber B.

"I got a card from another cancer survivor today."  - Ashley S.

"I pulled into a McDonalds drive-in line in Mineola, NY. The car in front of me was in a modest white mini-SUV with Massachusetts license plates. Upon my turn at the speaker station I ordered breakfast. My order called for payment of $5.20. I proceeded to the pay window and was told that the woman in the car ahead of my paid for my breakfast. The clerk then gave me a card - on one side it read, "Kindness is Contagious." On the other side it read, "Random acts of kindness will change the world if we create enough momentum together." -Tom C.



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