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  • If these positions aren't a fit for you, there are still so many ways for you to be included in our brand and creation process. We would love for you to take advantage of any of the following programs:
  • • Join our new bloom points program! This new program allows you to earn bloom coupons and free products! It will also generate a unique referral link that will give your friends discounts and allow you to earn points/discounts for their purchases as well.
  • • Connect with us through our Super Fan Facebook Group! Members of this group are encouraged to share their love of planning, things you are struggling with or working on, planner layouts, and of course share how you are BLOOMING!!
  • • Submit a cover design! We now do have a year round cover design submission program we'd love for you to participate in!
  • • Sign up for our email list! Stay up to date on new products, contest, promotions and job openings!


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