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6 Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

bloomgirl DIY Holidays new year new years resolutions resolutions staying on track

What’s not to love about the holiday season? There is great food, much-needed time with family, fun events with friends, and more to look forward to. However, with all that time spent running around it can be extremely easy to neglect your personal health when every moment seems packed with making plans and shopping. The holidays are much more enjoyable when you are full of energy and not feeling run down, so here are 6 of our favorite tips on how to keep your health and fitness goals in mind during the holiday season! 1. Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand...

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Summer Bucket List

beach bloomgirl bucketlist checklist DIY free printable free printables organization planner planning plantobloom summer summerbucketlist Travel

School is out and the warm weather upon us; that means summer has finally arrived! It is easy to embrace the summer season because of the long sunny days and endless opportunities, but every year it seems to fly by, leaving us with so many to-dos left unchecked. This year, we have compiled the ultimate summer bucket list to make sure you have the best summer ever! Below, we have highlighted some of our favorite summer bucket list items. Travel Somewhere New Whether it’s only an hour long drive or a plane ride away, traveling broadens your worldview! Learning about...

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DIY Graduation Cap!

bloomgirl college DIY graduating graduation graduation caps organization planner planning plantobloom

It’s officially May which means the dreaded g-word (graduation) is upon me and all of my fellow classmates at the University of Delaware! May has been a special time for me and I have been full of mixed emotions. Happiness because I know that my future holds so many possibilities. Sadness because I know I have to say goodbye to the place I've called home for the past four years. But most importantly, it is the feeling of the unknown. Where will I be in a few months? Where are all of my friends going to be? What am I going to remember most about my four years of...

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DIY Geode Inspired Painting Tutorial


Here at bloom, we love to be innovative. Ideas and inspirations for new designs and new products are being generated and brainstormed here on a daily basis. Once a week, we gather in our conference room and bring these ideas and inspirations to life!   We call this “Creative Friday.” Creative Friday is a wonderful platform for our design team to come together to create and share our unique talents and expertise. We always strive to stay up to date on current fashion trends and styles. We utilize this day as an outlet to create new designs for products that...

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How To Monogram Your Planner for Less Than $4!


More and more girls ask us if we offer customized or monogrammed planners. While we don't offer this service (yet!), we wanted to share a super easy DIY way to monogram your planner for less than $4! While there are a TON of affordable monogram decal options on Etsy, I chose VinylDecalCustoms for their color selection, pricing and positive reviews. Here are all of the colors you can choose from via their store! I chose the 3" pink decal to match my Teal Chevron planner :) I simply put my monogram initials (MTC) into my order notes and I was...

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