How To Monogram Your Planner for Less Than $4!

More and more girls ask us if we offer customized or monogrammed planners. While we don't offer this service (yet!), we wanted to share a super easy DIY way to monogram your planner for less than $4! BA While there are a TON of affordable monogram decal options on Etsy, I chose VinylDecalCustoms for their color selection, pricing and positive reviews. Here are all of the colors you can choose from via their store! il_fullxfull.602833852_jn8m copy I chose the 3" pink decal to match my Teal Chevron planner :) I simply put my monogram initials (MTC) into my order notes and I was all set! The cost, WITH shipping, was only $3.89! The decal arrived in the mail just a few days later. [caption id="attachment_273" align="aligncenter" width="584"]My MTC Monogram :) My MTC Monogram :)[/caption] STPES2 Applying the monogram decal was SO easy, I've included some pictures to go along with the steps: 1. Lay your planner on a flat surface 2. Line up your *unpeeled* monogram on the planner so you can see how high you'd like to place it (all personal preference.) Once I decided my placement, I used the chevron marks as a guide to make sure I placed it back into the same spot and that it was even on both sides. 3. Peel off the back layer of the decal. 4. Prepare to place the decal so the *first initial of your monogram* is on the far left, and your monogram will read left to right. 5. From left to right, lay the decal onto the planner, pushing air bubbles out as you go. Pat firmly. 6. Carefully and slowly peel the decal off. 7. Ta-da!!! You've just monogrammed your planner for $3.89! I was very impressed with the quality and service of VinylDecalCustoms, but feel free to shop around for different styles, sizes or price points! Tag us in a picture of your monogrammed planner on social media with #bloomgirl, we'd love to repost you! Xoxo, Michelle

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