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Employee #SpotlightSunday on Cait!

Our Creative Director, Cait, is moving and replanting her roots in Denver, Colorado! Cait told us a few months ago that she was planning to move to Colorado and we couldn’t be more excited for her new adventure- we can’t believe the time has already come! Cait has been such a valuable addition the bloom family and we are sad to see her go but we are excited for her as she starts this new adventure! We thought it would be great to shine today’s spotlight on Cait and hear how she has bloomed during her time with us!  The...

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Adjusting from College to the "Real World"

adult college goal setting goals organization plan to bloom planning realworld student transition

Transitions are tough, especially the transition from the college to the “real world.” College can offer some of the best years of your life; you’ll meet lifelong friends, have amazing opportunities, and find experiences you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, you get the chance to learn, explore, and start discovering who you are. The “college lifestyle” is definitely something you won’t get to experience again in life. No other time in your life is it going to be acceptable to spend your days sleeping in till 1, rolling into class with sweatpants on, eating whatever you want whenever you...

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Learning to Say No

goal setting goals new year organization plan to bloom planning resolutions sayingno staying on track

Here at bloom, we encourage planning and filling your days with fun things to do! Being active, staying involved in projects you love, and helping others are all things that we love but we know trying to do it all can sometimes be too much! Some of us love to be on the go and can forget to stop and take a break. It’s great to be eager to complete tasks,  fill your days with excitement, and help others, but it’s also okay to stop and relax. To put it simply, it is okay to say no. If you read...

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How bloom planners Co-Founder, Kaylyn, Uses Her Wedding Planner

I couldn’t be happier that our Wedding Planner was released shortly after we got engaged last year. I was jumping up and down when our first sample arrived in anticipation of using this beauty! My planner has been an absolute life saver. Stephen and I are planning a smaller destination wedding in Mexico for this May! A popular misconception with destination weddings is that everything is planned and taken care of for you. This is completely false! Of course, I don’t know what planning a local wedding is like but I can tell you it was so hard to pick our...

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How I Stay Organized While Helping to Run A Fast Growing Small Company

Hi all! Michelle here, Co-Founder of bloom. Today I'm sharing a little bit more about how I stay organized while helping to build a quickly growing small company! Bloom is blooming, which means our product selection and team is multiplying, our travel schedule is booking up faster than ever before, and our days are generally getting longer and more fast paced. You may assume the Co-Founder of a planner company is always perfectly organized, calm, put together, and never "double books" herself. Newsflash: that is not the case! Yes, some days I feel like a total #girlboss, kicking butt and taking names. But some...

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