Summer Bucket List

School is out and the warm weather upon us; that means summer has finally arrived! It is easy to embrace the summer season because of the long sunny days and endless opportunities, but every year it seems to fly by, leaving us with so many to-dos left unchecked. This year, we have compiled the ultimate summer bucket list to make sure you have the best summer ever! Below, we have highlighted some of our favorite summer bucket list items.

  • Travel Somewhere New
  • Whether it’s only an hour long drive or a plane ride away, traveling broadens your worldview! Learning about new cultures, trying new foods, or exploring a new place is so exciting! In order to dive into a new culture, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a break from your normal schedule and experience something new! You never know what you’ll discover and what passions you’ll uncover.

  • Do a Three Day Technology Detox
  • Summer is a great time to shut off your phone, computer, tablet, and whatever other devices you may have and experience new things without the help of your iPhone. We don’t realize how much we miss when our faces are buried in our phones and computers. The summer weather is the perfect excuse to put down your cellphone because there are so many activities to enjoy outside with your friends and family that don’t require usage of technology. Who knows, maybe after three days you’ll realize you don’t need to be using your phone as much as you’re used to!

  • Plan a Party or Cookout
  • There are so many opportunities to get together with family and friends in the summer. Especially since college students are back from school and younger children are off of school for the summer! A cookout or party outside is a great way to get everyone you love together and have a great time. In order to save money make it a potluck cookout. That way everyone contributes food to the party and you’re not swamped with all the planning! 

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  • Complete a DIY Project
  • DIYs can be so much fun and there are so many step-by-step videos you can watch or blogs that show you exactly how to create something awesome! Some fun summer DIYs include making your own glasses for parties, how to create different types of popsicles, different tye-dying tricks, and so many more! You can check out some of our favorite DIYs on our Pinterest.

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  • Watch the Sun Rise
  • The summer weather makes it perfect to wake up at the crack of dawn and head to a scenic place and watch the sun rise. It’s the simple everyday moments in life like this that we take for granted! Not to mention, you’re bound to get a great Instagram shot of the sun rising!

  • Plan a Beach Trip
  • What’s a summer bucket list without at least one beach trip? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great beach trip. Just round up some friends and pile in a car to take a day trip! Packing a cooler full of food and beverages will help save money you could be wasting on the boardwalk!

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  • Join a Gym
  • Summer is great for relaxing and embracing the outdoors but it is always important to stay healthy! If you’re not already apart of a gym, summer is the perfect time to join one, especially for students, because you will most likely have more free time in the summer! If joining a gym isn’t for you, but you still want a way to workout at home, try searching at home workouts on YouTube! There are so many great videos that will walk you through exercises without being at a gym.

  • Explore Your Favorite City
  • You would be surprised how many awesome activities there are to do in your nearest city that you’ve never heard of! Even if you know your city inside and out, it can be a lot of fun to play tourist in your own city from time to time! Travel into a city near you at a less busy time and do all the things a tourist would do; like eat at the most popular restaurants or take some tours around the city. You’d be surprised about what you may discover!

    Whether you have the time to check off one or all of our summer bucket list items, we hope you discover something new and continue to bloom into your best self. Have fun because summer will be over before we know it!



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