5 Tips To Plan a Friendsgiving!

It is that ~thyme~ of the year to reflect, be grateful, surround yourself with those that you cherish. In a lot of ways, your friends become just like your family and what better way to show how thankful you are for each other than by celebrating with a Friendsgiving! Planning a Friendsgiving allows you to not only show how thankful you are for your friends but even feel like an adult by tackling Thanksgiving head-on. Organizing a Friendsgiving does not need to be stressful or overwhelming. It should be a fun, easy day, surrounded by some of your favorite people; the people that make you laugh so hard you cry, that make you smile and that lift up your spirits. We want to share with you some tips to help plan the perfect Friendsgiving! 

Step 1: Invite Friends

First and foremost, you can’t have Friendsgiving without all your friends! Create an invitation list early to give everyone plenty of time to RSVP. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is by making a Facebook event! You can include all of the details in this, like the date, time and location and your friends will be able to respond instantly if they can go. The best part about creating the Facebook event is having the ability to make a corny description of the night to come such as "you can expect everyone to gobble til they wobble while some great Plymouth Rock music is playing in the background" ... get creative with it!

Step 2: Plan the Menu

We know how overwhelming it can be to try to cook a full traditional Thanksgiving meal, so don’t be afraid to make a few changes to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Check out our Easy Thanksgiving Recipes blog post for inspiration! Share this with your friends to help everyone get inspired! This way, you can focus on cooking a perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. We love this simple 3 Step Recipe by Delightful E Made!

Step 3: Delegate

The easiest way to make a stress free Friendsgiving is by delegating tasks! Your friends will be more than happy to help, so ask each of them to bring a dish. Another great part about each of your friends bringing a dish is that you get to sees everyone's creativity! Each person gets to bring a little piece of their own Thanksgiving from home to share with all the bffs! We suggest making a simple google doc and asking people to sign up for different things, like food, drinks, decorations, etc. An example list could look like this: 


  • Cheese Plate: _____________________
  • App 2:  _____________________
  • App 3:  _____________________
  • App 4:  _____________________


  • Stuffing:  _____________________
  • Mashed Potatoes:  _____________________
  • Veggie 1:  _____________________
  • Veggie 2:  _____________________
  • Cranberry:  _____________________
  • Gravy:  _____________________

Main Dish: 


  • Dessert 1:  _____________________
  • Dessert 2:  _____________________

Step 4: Make it Festive! 

Make it festive with some cute and easy decorations! If you need a little inspo, we love this article by Country Living. This has tons of easy DIY centerpiece ideas!

Check out our FREE Place Card and Napkin Wrap Printables to add to your table décor. Your guests can write their name and what they are thankful for! As a fun activity, have your friends go around the table and share what they wrote on their card!

Plan some time at the end of dinner to play some games! This keeps everyone engaged after feeling stuffed on food when all you really want to do is sleep. Playing games will allow you and your friends time to make even more crazy and fun memories! Soon you will be laughing so hard your stomach will not hurt from being stuffed, just from all the giggles!
Some of our favorite games: Heads Up, Catchphrase, Apples to Apples, and What Do You Meme


Step 5: Festive Fall Drinks

Don’t forget about the festive fall drinks! Our favorite is the Sparking Apple Cider Sangria from Pizzazzerie! It's simple and delicious! 

And there you go! You are ready to host the perfect Friendsgiving without having to feel stressed or overwhelmed. So now it's time to eat, drink and be merry! Now it's time to eat, drink and be merry! Maybe you will start a new tradition because when you are with your friends does it really get any ~butter~ then that?!


the bloom team

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