Get Ready for spring

We love the spring time (not only because it's bloom's birthday) but because is a time of new growth and fresh starts! Spring offers the opportunity to reflect on the winter months and plan ahead for the warm summer months ahead! I am going to share my top 5 tips on getting springtime ready! 

1. Find Inspiration

The best way to bloom into a better version of yourself is to find inspiration around you. You can do this by just taking a stroll in the warm weather, talking to your loved ones, creating a vision board, or our personal favorite method: Pinterest! Here at bloom, we love scrolling through pretty pictures and finding helpful articles to get our creative juices flowing! We even have a Pinterest board specifically for spring that helps us (and can help you!) stay inspired during this amazing season! Create your own Vision Board and download these free printables here

2. Set New Goals

Every season is a fresh start and a great opportunity to take a look back on some of the resolutions that you set for the New Year. Spring is the perfect time to renew these goals and set new ones. The best way to do this is by utilizing your trusty planner and organize it for the coming spring months. Jot down all your goals, events, birthdays, to do’s, and don’t forget to decorate it! Trust us when we say your planner will bring you one to step closer to success, they help us everyday!

Find the New Year's Printable here

3. Spring Cleaning

Springtime means spring cleaning! This is the perfect time to clean and declutter your house, get to projects that you have been putting off, and freshen up your wardrobe! Decluttering can help you be more productive, ease stress, and even help you lose weight! Clean and organized surroundings lead to more productivity so make sure not to skip this step. We’ve created a free spring cleaning checklist printable to help make getting organized a little easier, check it out here!

4. Get Your Closet Ready

Warmer weather brings with it a new wardrobe! First things first, make sure to put away the winter clothes you love in storage and donate any items you have not worn this past season. Now comes the fun part, break out your spring clothes! It’s time for sundresses, shorts, and open-toed shoes! Since you got rid of some old clothes is there anything new you need to buy for spring? Keep track of new items to buy with our To-Do Pads

5. Enjoy Yourself

There is so much to do now that the weather is getting warm, so take advantage of it! Spend time outside any and every way you can! Get more active by taking walks, going for runs, or getting back on an exercise regimen. Throw yourself a picnic or just eat your meals outside! You can also plant something in your garden or in a cute pot, it is so fun to see something you planted bloom!

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Thanks for reading!



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