What's In My Bag?

Needless to say, a bloom girl is never without her planner. But what else is in that oversized bag of hers? Social media intern, Melissa, shares what products she’s been loving and what she can’t leave home without!


First off, how cute is this Ralph Lauren tote?! I’ve been looking for a sturdy and spacious bag for a while now, and found this one for a steal at T.J. Maxx. It’s perfect for carrying to class when I’m tired of lugging around my old backpack. Here’s what’s inside (after I cleaned out the old receipts and loose change!)

  1. Blinc mascara from Sephora: This is the strangest yet best mascara I've found for sensitive eyes. It forms little tubes around your eyelashes instead of painting on the mascara. If your eyes are a little sensitive like mine, I definitely recommend it.
  2. Clinique lipstick: this shade is called Shy, which happens to be my favorite. Coincidence?
  3. C.O. Bigelow lemon leaf body lotion: I stayed at this fancy NYC hotel over the summer and got a little too excited that they had C.O. Bigelow samples. They have the best lotions!
  4. Pandora rings: These never seem to stay on my fingers. That’s probably why I lost my other two (I’m still sad about it).
  5. Wallet: I found this Coach wallet at one of their outlet stores. I love that it’s on the smaller side and I can easily fit it into my evening bag.
  6. Gucci Guilty travel spray: Sephora sells a gift box of perfume samples that includes a voucher for one full size version. After getting this for Christmas, I finally stopped being indecisive and redeemed the voucher this summer.
  7. bloom belief cards: I like to have these floating around in my big bag. You never know when someone might need a little inspiration.
  8. Headphones: I’m always plugged in. Spotify premium is my best friend.
  9. Mint Damask Academic Daily Planner: I never leave home without it!
  10. Small pouch: This one is from Old Navy. It’s where I keep all the boring essentials like chapstick, extra hair ties, bandaids, etc. It keeps everything from disappearing at the bottom of my bag!

Those are the products I’m toting around right now. What about you #bloomgirl? Tell us what you can’t leave home without in the comments below!



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