Meet bloom’s new summer interns!

We are so excited to introduce bloom's newest interns for the summer! These ladies are passionate, hard working, and full of heart. We cannot wait to see how they bloom this summer. Get to know them by reading more below.

A little bit about us- We are a group of hardworking, passionate girls who all attend the University of Delaware, and will be part of the bloom team this summer! Whether we are working on social media posts, packing and shipping orders, or photographing products, we bring a lot of excitement to everything we do in and around the bloom office, and for the bloom community!

What will everyone be doing at bloom?

Jill: I will be focusing on Facebook engagement and outreach, as well as creating content for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Mickey: My summer at bloom is going to be focused on managing our Instagram and interacting with our bloom audience. I will also be focusing on growing our social platforms through finding new brand partners as well as social media influencers that align with our company values.

Kathryn: This summer at bloom, I’ll be focusing on the operations side of the business. This means I handle the packing and shipping of bloom’s products as well as take inventory of the products. I’m super excited to be able to be the last person to touch our products before our customers get them!

Kayla: I am so excited to be working on bloom's Instagram, making tons of Tik Tok's and Instagram reels, and working on blooms Twitter. There are also many behind the scenes projects we will be working on besides our main tasks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sarah: I will be focusing on bloom photography. Taking photos for our social media channels and website. I am so excited to start creating with bloom! 

What year are you in college and what's your major? 

Jill: I am a rising Senior double majoring in Marketing and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

Mickey: I am a rising Senior majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management.

Kathryn: I am a rising Junior majoring in Finance and Marketing and minoring in Economics and Psychology.  

Kayla: I am a rising Junior studying Visual Communications and Advertising

Sarah: I am a rising Junior majoring in Media Communications.

Now that we know the basics, what about some more fun stuff?!

Jill: I am a huge coffee fan, I will drink iced coffee even in the dead of winter! I also have the biggest sweet tooth and love all things dessert. I am a supervisor at UDairy creamery on campus, which only perpetuates my love of sweets!   

Mickey: I love to paint! I am a self taught artist and painting is my favorite form of therapy. I am also passionate about fashion, and one of my biggest goals this summer is to perfect my design and sewing skills.

Kathryn: I absolutely love to bake! I’ve been baking since elementary school where I began entering baking competitions and taking cake decorating classes. Now, I bake all different types of desserts and sell them in my hometown!

Kayla: Like Jill, I’m a huge Starbucks girl, (strawberry acai lemonade lovers rise up!) and my friends and family know I cannot go long without my Starbucks fix. Aside from drinking a ton of caffeine, I spend a lot of time painting! It is one of my favorite forms of self-expression.

Sarah: I’m a sports photographer. I am mostly self-taught and I work with the University of Delaware’s athletic department photographing for all of the different sports teams. If I’m not on the sidelines photographing, you can find me reading or probably getting coffee at Starbucks.

Why did you want to be a part of the bloom team?

Jill: bloom is so many things, and it wears so many hats, just like the women they represent. bloom is empowering women but also uniting them into one community. bloom is awareness, societal awareness, and self-awareness. I believe I will grow as a human and as a woman through working at bloom. While I hope to grow as a person, I hope to also help others. Not only will bloom offer me guidance and instruction for social media marketing, but a platform and a meaningful message to help others. I applied to bloom for a chance at professional experience, but I want to work at bloom because the company inspires me to spread kindness to everyone. bloom is more than just a company; bloom is a community and a family that strives to help empower women and lend strength to all of its customers.

Mickey: bloom strives to empower women and help them reach their goals and simply grow, and that is something that I am passionate about. I like to use my crafts to spread positivity, for example through giving my friends free makeovers, making paintings that mean something to people; I just love putting a smile on people’s faces, and so does bloom! I love how bloom's employees, customers, and partners are like family to each other. It is great being a part of a company that values family and community, especially being that I am an international student out here on my own. It also feels good to know that I can help people bloom into the best versions of themselves and hopefully become the best version of myself too. 

Kathryn: I joined the bloom team because of the amazing atmosphere in the workplace. When I first walked into the office I felt welcomed by everyone with open arms as well as felt a sense of comfort. Besides the amazing people, bloom values the empowerment of women and strives to help them to reach their full potential. Working with a company that aligns with my values is a huge part of why I chose to work at bloom. I feel like I can be myself as well as have bloom’s support in growing both personally and professionally.

Kayla: I wanted to work for bloom to gain experience in a collaborative environment, and be a part of the amazing, creative team. bloom is a place I feel welcomed, heard, and appreciated. What drew me in is bloom’s values and message for self-growth- It really resonates with my own daily mindset. I wanted to find an environment where I could flex my creative muscle, and I cannot wait to contribute more unique ideas and knowledge to upcoming projects.

Sarah: I wanted to work for bloom because I absolutely love their mission to empower women. I work in a very male dominated field when it comes to sports, so I love the fact that bloom is here to empower all women. I also love that bloom genuinely cares about its employees and customers like a family! From the start with bloom, I have felt instantly welcomed to the team and look forward to the rest of my time here.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration and why?

Jill: My biggest inspiration is my mom. My mother is one of the strongest women I know, and the most giving. My mom has always pushed me to do everything and anything I have ever wanted. My mom has made it possible for me to pursue everything I have so far in life, whether that be sports, school, or traveling. My mom is the best woman, wife, and mother I know, and I aspire to be half the woman she is one day. My mom is my grounding point and also my guide in life. Her strength, compassion, and character is everything I have aimed to become.

Mickey: As cheesy as this might sound, my parents are my biggest inspiration. They both grew up with nothing, but managed to make something of themselves and give my brother and I a life that they couldn’t even dream of as kids. Their ambition and hope is an inspiration, and I wish to make them as proud as they make me.

Kathryn: If I had to pick one person I’d say my biggest inspiration is my Yiayia (I - ah-ee, ĭ) which means grandmother in Greek. She came over from Greece as a young girl and had to learn not only a new language but the ways of a new country. My yiayia has inspired me to be the best person I can, to not only strive for my goals but to accomplish them. She makes me proud of who I am and where I came from. She exemplifies kindness and strength in everything she does and I strive to be like her everyday.

Kayla: For me, inspiration comes from my past, and what my future will be. Within me is a lot of strength from the experiences I’ve been through, and hard times that I’ve pushed past. Looking back on my past, and looking eagerly at my future, is where a lot of my inspiration comes from to be a better person who can embrace their strength.

Sarah: My biggest inspiration is Elsa Garrison, who is a mentor of mine. Elsa was Getty Images’ first female staff sports photographer. Her tenacity as a woman in sports is very inspiring to me. She has pushed me to be the best photographer that I can be and always lets me know how I can improve.  

What is your BEST productivity hack or planning tip?

Jill: I set notifications on my phone before any big project or meeting. I normally have at least one notification everyday between classes, work, and other important life events! I will have my reminder go off the day before and an hour before that event, that way I make sure I have time to get it all done. 

Mickey: To be productive, my first step is making sure I am working in a clean space. I find that this helps keep my mind from wandering to little things in my surroundings. My favorite planning tip is using sticky notes; I use these on my computer or above my study desk and this helps keep my urgent tasks in front of my eyes, forcing me to get them done.

Kathryn: My best productivity hack would be to set daily goals that are achievable.I often tend to get sidetracked and lose focus due to information overload. When I write down daily goals on just a simple notepad, it helps me see and remember all the tasks I have to do that day. Daily goal setting helps to alleviate my stress and anxiety of having to juggle multiple tasks in any given day. It also makes me feel accomplished when all my tasks are crossed off my list at the end of the day!

Kayla: Decorating my to-do list is a big part of my productivity because it makes me feel excited about my tasks. If the tasks look good on paper, they’ll feel good when executed!

Sarah: I write everything down so I won’t forget what I was told. Having something in writing is the best way for me to stay organized and on top of due dates and events!

What is your WHY? 

Jill: My “why” is always centered around helping others. I am always set to help my friends and family, but am very excited to start reaching out and further helping my community. I aim to spread kindness to everyone I meet everyday, and hope I leave someone with a smile on their face after every interaction. I am excited to start my bloom internship because I believe it will help further my “Why”. I hope throughout this summer I am able to further help more people, and spread kindness to all.

Mickey: My “why” is to be the best version of myself. This includes being as good of a person as I can be to everyone, finding new ways to grow my heart and mind. And lastly, making sure the negativity of the world around me never changes me, but rather motivates me to be an even better person. 

Kathryn: My "why" is to bring others joy and happiness. By radiating positivity in my daily life, it could help others see the positivity in their lives. When having a bad day, I still try to be optimistic and bring others joy because if I start being negative or show anger, it could effect others in a negative way.

Kayla: Everything I do is to be the best version of me. My “why” is always backed by “Am I doing things that promote my self-growth?” I actively seek out challenges and uncomfortable situations. It supports personal growth and helps me learn my strengths and weaknesses, and everything I do is always supported by that idea of doing things for ME and my self-improvement.

Sarah: My “why” is always to learn new things. I wanted to intern with bloom in order to learn new skills and be a part of such a great team. I learn quickly and enjoy learning new things, so it seemed logical to apply.

What is your favorite bloom product?

Jill: At work, I love using my 8.5 X 11 Lemons Daily Planner, I love the pop of color it gives me everyday! At home I use a hanging wall calendar to track my busy schedule. At work and home, I am constantly using bloom’s stickers, as there is truly one for every occasion!  

Mickey: My favorite bloom product is the Desk Easel. As someone who struggles with mental health issues, some days are harder than others and these Desk Easels are a great pick me up! I love how there is a meaningful quote for everyday, good or bad.

Kathryn: My favorite bloom products are definitely the Vinyl Stickers. I absolutely love being able to customize anything from planners to water bottles! It allows me to be creative and makes each of my items more unique. They also are a great conversation starter as everyone compliments the stickers!

Kayla: I am a major sticker girl, and any given page of my planner has at least 5 stickers. That being said, I love the Classic Planner Stickers!  There's nothing better than adding some fun visuals to my to-do lists!

Sarah: My favorite bloom product is the Timed Daily To-Do Pad! I love the hourly layout and it helps to keep me organized when I have a lot of things happening on a certain day.

We hoped you enjoyed learning more about bloom's social media intern team. Follow along with us all summer on social media to see more behind the scenes of all the amazing work these ladies are going to accomplish! 






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