Employee #SpotlightSunday on Cait!

Our Creative Director, Cait, is moving and replanting her roots in Denver, Colorado! Cait told us a few months ago that she was planning to move to Colorado and we couldn’t be more excited for her new adventure- we can’t believe the time has already come! Cait has been such a valuable addition the bloom family and we are sad to see her go but we are excited for her as she starts this new adventure! We thought it would be great to shine today’s spotlight on Cait and hear how she has bloomed during her time with us! 
The decision to bloom:

Why have I made the decision to leave a job I love, move away from the friends and family who have loved and supported me, and make a transition to a new beginning full of unknowns? I can’t say that I have all the answers, but there are a number of factors that have shaped this decision.

My experience at bloom:

I’ve been the Creative Director at bloom for the past 18 months. Bloom has been my dream job; both challenging and fun! I have been able to play a vital role in establishing and developing the look of this brand. I was able to see and experience all of the moving parts it takes to operate a small and growing business. While at bloom I have been able to do what I love on a daily basis – design and create! This job has allowed me to travel to many new places, exercise my talents and skills, work with amazing coworkers, and develop my leadership skills while building the graphic design department.

While working at bloom, I’ve grown personally and professionally. Shout out to bloom for supporting me and making me ready to bloom in the next chapter of my life! 

Pruning my roots to bloom:

My roots were planted in Delaware, but there comes a time when your roots are pot bound and it’s time to re-plant.  Once your roots are loosened in new soil and a fresh environment, you can grow and bloom brighter and stronger than you were.

For me, there suddenly came a point where I knew I had outgrown my hometown.  I have watched my friends and family members design lives they love; some have moved and some have stayed where they are.  For me, I know there is more to explore and experience. Life is short and I want to see what more is out there for me! 

Propagating to bloom:

Sometimes you propagate a plant to let it grow and create new plants. I have been very fortunate to grow up in a supportive family, and this base of love and support will forever be with me. My family has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and peruse and help me find what I love to do. But, sometimes to grow, you need to separate and start your own planting. The growing experience I am going to get out of this is going to be a story I will never forget and what I feel will make me into a more independent more capable version of myself.

Many of you may know that I have a twin sister, Cris, and am very close to my youngest sister, Lauren, who works with me at bloom. I’ll learn what it’s like to be away from my family and my twin sister who is the closest person in my life, for the first time. Being an identical twin has many advantages in life as well as some drawbacks. While growing up the thought of leaving my sisters used to really frighten me. Sharing a room growing up, being a part of the same team, and having the same interests and hobbies. But, because of their love and support I know I can make it in my new home.

I want to thank my mom, who is my biggest cheerleader in all my endeavors, my source of inspiration whenever I doubted myself, and for all her words of wisdom. Thank my dad, for being the provider for us girls through all the bumps and struggles, and also his advice. My sisters Cris and Lauren for being there for me no matter what! I’ve always have them cheering me on, comforting me, loving me, living life, acting crazy and have always by my side. Also, my step dad, Bob, my dad’s girlfriend Elaine, and my stepbrothers Matt and Kevin, life would be incomplete without you. I know you all will come to visit!

Love blooms:

My roots will be replanted in Denver, Colorado. The mile high city. I’d be lying if I said making this decision was easy. It wasn’t easy at all, but, of course, there is also a love story!

Last June, I met the love of my life! My boyfriend, Kevin, is someone who has inspired me to take the risk and see that there is more to life then settling. He also holds a special place in my heart who has helped me take advantage of planning a life of my own and see things in a new perspective. Some of the things that highlight our relationship is positivity, always striving to be your best self, being a team, going after what is scary, while keeping things in perspective. I can be a bit of a dreamer while Kevin is a practical thinker and has always been able to adapt easily in many living situations. Sometimes you meet that person in your life who sees you and accepts you as you are and you do that for them. Your life is not really your own anymore and this makes life worth fighting for as well as a beautiful experience. They encourage you if you want something go after it with all or heart, be grateful and make do with what you have. Seeing him make the transition in moving to Colorado last October successfully without a doubt makes this opportunity seem very doable for me. I know this person has my back in Colorado!

Ready to bloom:

Together bloom, my friends and family have played a vital role in helping me feel ready to make this decision to try something new and take this risk. Bloom’s mission statement and tagline is “inspiring women to bloom into the best version of themselves.” I want to thank bloom for making me ready for Colorado and helping me bloom. With the help of my family, my boyfriend and my new job, I’m at a point now where I feel ready and prepared to take this next step. I know they will continue to be my support system even though I am far away. I will come back and visit and both my job and family will always hold a special place in my heart.

To me life is full of choices. It’s crazy how you can be one small decision away from completely changing your life into something you never thought you’d be able to do if you let it happen! I’m taking a huge risk, however I believe by trusting yourself and going into everything with the right attitude that good things will happen.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”



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