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Sticker Sheets, Productivity Stickers™
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We are SO excited to announce our new Productivity Stickers™! The newest addition to our growing planner accessories lineOne set includes 6 sheets, a total of 475 individual stickers! Specifications & features include:

  • 6 sticker sheets per pack, totaling 475 unique stickers
  • A variety of adorable, hand drawn icons and hand lettered phrases to help decorate and enhance your planner!
  • Stickers include "today’s goals,” “daily gratitude,“ “bills due,” appointment reminders, vacation stickers and much more!
  • Digital planner users rejoice! We're now offering digital versions of all bloom sticker packs in our etsy store

Not sure which planner layout is perfect for you to start decorating? Check out an overview of all of our planner layouts here! Love decorating and accessorizing? Check out our other growing sticker pack collections and all other planner accessories here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews Write a review!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews Write a review!


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