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Card Deck, Mom-pliment Cards
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We are so PROUD to announce our newest card deck, Mom-pliment Cards™️. What is a mom-pliment, you ask? It’s a compliment…for moms! These cards were co-created with hundreds of moms within the bloom community to foster connection and community through one of life’s most difficult yet most rewarding chapters: motherhood! Specifications and features include:

  • THIRTY 2" wide x 3.5" tall cards per set (business card size)
  • A mix of thoughtful, heartfelt, and funny notes of appreciation for moms of children in all ages and stages of life
  • Gift these to friends, strangers, your partner, your own mom, or even keep the entire deck as affirmations for yourself to remind yourself, even on the hardest days, that YOU. ARE. INCREDIBLE!
  • Backs are blank to write a personalized message
  • A great way to remind mamas how appreciated, strong, capable, and loved they are
  • Packaged in a beautiful slide-out box for easy purse storage/spontaneous distribution!
  • bloom gives back! Your purchase supports all of these worthy causes 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review!


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