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Sticker Sheets, Teacher Planner Stickers V2
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We are rapidly growing our planner sticker line and we are excited to announce our re-vamped Teacher Planner Stickers! Our original teacher planner stickers are still available here. These pair perfectly with our Teacher Planners, or any other planner you are using. Specifications & features include: 

  • 8 sticker sheets per pack, totaling over 586 unique stickers!
  • The first 7 pages have a protective gloss coating. The last page is matte so you can write directly on these stickers 
  • The perfect mix of practical and fun, making planning something to look forward to
  • Each sticker is unique! They are 100% hand drawn and hand lettered 
  • These stickers are meant to decorate, inspire, and add some fun to your day! Use these stickers in conjunction with our classic, holiday and productivity sticker packs to round out your collection
  • Great for decorating your planner, decorating cards, scrapbooks, laptops, etc.
  • Digital planner users rejoice! We're now offering digital versions of all bloom sticker packs in our etsy store!

Not sure which planner layout is perfect for you to start decorating? Check out an overview of all of our planner layouts here! Love decorating and accessorizing? Check out our other growing sticker pack collections and all other planner accessories here!

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review!


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