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How to Decorate a Graduation Cap Using a Cricut

Graduation season is among us for both college and high school! So first and foremost, congrats grad! You're so close to a huge accomplishment and ready to gear up for the next chapter in your life. Here at bloom, we can never pass down the opportunity to get creative together. We loved helping our senior interns put together their grad caps that encompasses how they bloomed throughout their four years at the University of Delaware. Follow these simple steps to create a trendy graduation cap for your big day!  1. Find Some Inspiration What was defining in your four years?...

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Featured #bloomgirl: Deanna Saracino; Founder of La Clé!

This month's featured #bloomgirl is Deanna Saracino! We are so inspired by Denna's passion, drive, energy, and positivity! Read more about her below!    Tell us a little bit about yourself! My name is Deanna Saracino. I was Born and raised in Ottawa - Canada and now live in Northern VA, just outside Washington DC. I Played soccer all my life which landed me south of the border where I played Division 1 soccer at James Madison University in Virginia. I also played semi-professional for 5 years and got a chance to travel all over the world and meet so many great people. I...

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8 Tips to Simplify Your Phone

Technology can make our lives so much easier, but it also can make our lives more complicated than they need to be! Cellphones are addicting. Constant messages, reminders, and pop-ups from social media sites result in an unnecessary sense of urgency and anxiety. When we have our faces in our phones, we are not present with ourselves or others around us. Social media makes us feel that we must keep up with everyone and everything online. This leaves us feeling emotionally drained, #stressed, anxious, and even sad. Cellphones are great, but we need to unplug to increase our productivity and...

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7 Tips to Networking Like a Pro + FREE WORKSHEET & PRINTABLE!

Networking. Some people love it, some people hate it. The truth is, it probably makes everyone a little uncomfortable or even a little nervous. But we all, no matter what the profession, need to network! It is essential for building relationships, new business, and even new ideas!  1.) How To Introduce Yourself. Introducing yourself poorly can stop a conversation before it even begins. First, always make sure to make direct eye contact with whomever your speaking to, give a firm handshake, and speak up. Make sure to pronounce your full name (first and last) clearly. Use the Dale Carnegie pause-part-punch...

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Featured #bloomgirls: Our Moms for Mothers Day!

"A mother is your first friend, your best friend, and your forever friend." -Unknown  For this month's featured #bloomgirl post, the bloom team wanted to feature the women in our lives who mean the most to us, our mothers!  Cheri Minix, Mother of bloom Co-Founder, Kaylyn Minix!  Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you have been a #girlboss in your career!  Ever since high school, I have been a leader. President of my school, captain of the cheerleading team. Also an Eagles cheerleader. When you truly strive for something, you will receive it. When I became a nurse, I...

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