The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week!
We think this holiday comes at the PERFECT time! As the summer winds down and the school year ramps up, this is a great time to declutter and organize your surroundings! We've curated our own 7-day plan to get you simplified. 

8/1: Throw away clutter!

Throw away clutter! Go through your entire house and start throwing out unused items! You can make a trash bag (or bags) and a donate bag. Find a local charity to donate to! 

8/2: De-clutter your phone/computer!

De-clutter your phone and computer! Delete unused apps, clean up your photos, unsubscribe yourself from emails, etc. PRO TIP: Try https://unroll.me/ to help! 

8/3: Clean out your bedrooms and closets!

Clean out bedrooms and closets! Go through your clothes and find items to donate or sell. PRO TIP: Check out Poshmark for selling lightly used clothing! 

8/4: Clean out your bathrooms!

Clean out your bathrooms! Go through cabinets and de-clutter. Have old lotions and products you don't use? Throw them away!

8/5: Clean out your car

Clean out your car! Get a carwash and clean out all trash. Once the trash is gone, stock your car with some essentials like napkins, quarters, hand sanitizer, and wipes! 

8/6: Clean out your kitchen!

Clean out your kitchen! Clean out all cabinets, and take inventory of what utensils and kitchen supplies you have. Have duplicates? Throw them away or donate. Next, go through the food in your fridge and cabinets. Throw out the expired stuff and donate unwanted food to a local soup kitchen or shelter! 

8/7: Set a cleaning routine

Now that your home and car are de-cluttered and clean. Come up with a cleaning routine that works for you! For example:
Monday- Laundry
Tuesday- Vaccum (entire house)
Wednesday- Clean Bathrooms
Thursday- Sweep and Mop 
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Outside Work 
Sunday- Grocery Shop and Meal Prep
I hope you can implement these tips into your week and get simplified with a routine that works for you!
the bloom team 

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