How To Use Your 2018 Vision Planner

We poured our hearts into our Vision Planners, thoughtfully designing them to help you make all of your dreams and visions for the year become a reality! This unique, guided planning system has already helped thousands of women maintain a more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle! So what makes our Vision Planners so special?! We wanted to walk you through the inside features and give you some tips and tricks to best utilize your Vision Planner for the upcoming year! Take a peek and let us know what you think!

For 2018, we have a *Soft Cover* bloom where you are planted cover, as well as *Hard Cover* Vintage Floral, Peacock and Palm Leaf options.

Each version's inside color matches the cover design. The pictures below match the Vintage Floral Hard Cover Vision Planner. You can see a full list of ALL the inside features here, but here is a walkthrough of a few key spreads!  

Yearly Goal Setting Pages

The first page of the planner prompts you to detail out your ideal mission statement for the year. Shortly after you have a goal setting page, as well as a vision board where you can tape, glue, or draw anything that inspires you! Check back to this spread often to make sure you're staying on track with your goals and visions for the year!

Pre-Month Planning Pages

This is our favorite part of this layout! Each month prompts you to detail out your goals in the following categories: Personal Growth, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Family & Home, Fun & Adventure, Work/School, Finances, and Other. You then use the weekly action steps to plan out weekly tasks that will bring you closer to achieving these goals, and transfer them into your weekly planning pages. 

Monthly Views 

The monthly views are our classic format, with a small twist!  Each month features a monthly self improvement challenge, shaded weekends and ample space for notes!
Weekly Views
Column style weekly views allow you to plan your day in chronological order. We personally track our appointments and to-dos for the day in order that they need to be done, and check them off as we go! Each week has a different inspirational quote, a place to track your weekly focus, and a side column for goals and notes. Blocks at the bottom allow you to track meals, exercise, gratitude or anything else you choose to utilize this space for! Each day features 8 water glass icons so you can check them off as you go and stay hydrated! We noticed a lot of planner users utilize fun "weekend" flags, so we incorporated these flags directly into the planner's layout! Now that we have it, we don't know how we functioned without this weekly view! We'd be lost without it!
Soft Cover vs. Hard Cover 
The bloom where you are planted Soft Cover Vision Planner is pliable and features a protective plastic cover (tucked around the planner in picture above.) 
The Hard Cover options ( Vintage Floral, Peacock and Palm Leaf) feature a hard chipboard cover with thicker binding and gold reinforced edges.
We hope you LOVE this planner just as much as we do! Let us know how your Vision Planner is helping you bloom in the comments below!

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