How to Create a Vision Board

With the launch of the new line, the bloom team got together to create our vision boards! 

Vision boards are a great way to visually outline your goals and gain motivation to achieve them. Here at bloom, we are avid believers of envisioning your goals and then making them come to life! In fact, it is statistically proven that by writing down or physically seeing a reminder of your goals, you will have a greater rate of success in achieving them. This is what we do at bloom — help individuals bloom into the best version of themselves. For us, that means empowering others to achieve whatever they set their minds to, through planning and having physical and visual reminders of their goals and responsibilities.

For this reason, we have so many mini vision boards included in several of our planners, including the Vision Planner and Desk Calendar. We also have a FREE PRINTABLE Vision Board Page that you can print out here

You can create one vision board or you can have several smaller ones for focused areas of your life. Regardless of however many vision boards you have, we hope that by creating a vision board, you are consistently reminded that you CAN bloom into the best version of yourself and live your best life! 

Identify Your Vision

What do you want to achieve? What do you need? How do you feel about these goals and intents?

 Gather Supplies and Create a Private Space

You’ll need:

  • Vision Board Page
  • Corkboard/Whiteboard/Poster board
  • Tape/pins/glue
  • Stickers/markers/ribbons
  • Magazines/photos/keepsakes
  • Scissors

Once you gather all of your supplies, find a creative space that works for you! You may want to create your vision board in an intimate space. If so, play some of your favorite music, turn on your favorite show, or light some candles to set the mood. If you prefer, you can also create your vision with a friend or groups of friends! This is a fun activity to do with those close to you so you can talk about your goals and also have friends hold you accountable to them. 

Find and Create

Based on what you gathered from the first step, find images, inspirational/motivational quotes from magazines, words, and anything else that represents your goals and what will motivate or inspire you to take action in making your dreams a reality.

Cut and paste the pictures and quotes that inspire you and can visually represent your goals onto your Vision Board.

You can leave empty space in between to add as time progresses and your intentions grow or change, or you can customize your board to be overflowing with motivation and inspiration. The choice is yours! Make it personal to you and use the space as a way to express yourself. 

Make it Visible

Put your vision board in a place where you can always see it and be reminded of what you want to accomplish. It should serve as a visual representation of what you are working toward and as a reminder of your “why.” 


Your vision board means nothing if you don’t periodically look at it and reflect on the steps you’re taking to achieve such goals and/or meditate on why you’re doing so, or how far you’ve come since you’ve started. Consistently remind yourself of your “why” and motivate yourself to make your dreams reality. 

We hope that by creating a vision board, you can take control of your life and live to the fullest! Let us know how your vision board has helped you or your personal favorite tips on creating one in the comments below!!



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