How bloom planners Co-Founder, Kaylyn, Uses Her Wedding Planner

I couldn’t be happier that our Wedding Planner was released shortly after we got engaged last year. I was jumping up and down when our first sample arrived in anticipation of using this beauty! My planner has been an absolute life saver.

Stephen and I are planning a smaller destination wedding in Mexico for this May! A popular misconception with destination weddings is that everything is planned and taken care of for you. This is completely false! Of course, I don’t know what planning a local wedding is like but I can tell you it was so hard to pick our wedding resort and venue online just hoping and praying it would be all that we dreamed of. There is a lot of pressure in asking family and friends to travel and invest in this celebration so it takes A LOT of research and trust not seeing everything with your own eyes!

All details of a traditional wedding still apply to ours; so my wedding planner has been crucial in keeping me sane! Some days I feel so overwhelmed, like I’ll never get everything done but there are key features to our wedding planner that keep me calm, organized and on track! When I first starting using my planner it was fun to just sit down with Stephen and get our vision down using the vision boards, talking about the most important aspects of what we wanted for our big day.

Then we moved on to timelines. The Timeline and Checklist spread is one of my favorite sections! This makes all of your to-dos seem much more manageable when broken into sections and specific time periods. It is very overwhelming being introduced to the “wedding world” and not knowing what to do when and feeling like you have to do everything at once. My planner has really helped me stay on track and feel accomplished every day, week and month!

I also love listing out my specific tasks in the notes and to-dos section after each month of my wedding planner to break them up into more manageable time periods. You will see there are many more to dos than we have listed in the timeline section but this is all customized and determined by your vision and desires!

I have so many notes in my planners from vendor phone calls, pricing, gifts, thank you's, seating charts, table sketches, ceremony and vow drafts. It’s so fun to look back after 9 months of wedding planning to see how much we have accomplished. I love reflecting on the entire process and how much fun it has been. Wedding Planning becomes your new hobby and I have really enjoyed it. One of the best parts about our wedding planner is that it becomes a keepsake and scrapbook including all of your memories and wedding planning details. I can’t wait to look back on my wedding planner years from now and reminisce! It has been such a joyous process and I am so grateful for this engagement period to soak it all in!

We just had the opportunity to visit our resort for the first time and I am relieved and thrilled to say that we absolutely fell in love! The resort is beautiful, the staff went above and beyond for us and the food was unreal. We couldn’t be more excited to get married (in 77 days to be exact)!

I hope other bloom brides out there are enjoying their Wedding Planner as much as I have! Please let us know your feedback! We have already made some updates to include Honeymoon planning and the name change process so we can continue to help you even after the big day! I can’t wait to use our Guest Book and Thank you Cards as well! We want to make this new chapter of your life as seamless and enjoyable as possible! 



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