Featured #bloomgirl: Tracy; Clothing Designer, Entrepreneur & Fashion Enthusiast!

This month's featured #bloomgirl is Tracy Negoshian! Tracy is a women's clothing Designer, Entrepreneur & Fashion Enthusiast! Tracy's personal and company motto is: 'DRESS IN CONFIDENCE' and we believe she inspires others to do just that! We are so inspired by Tracy's #girlboss story and we think you will be too! Read more about Tracy below! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a 36-year-old, mom of 2; Cooper (3) and Ellery (5 mos.). It took me a while to find my prince. David and I were ‘set-up’ by my mom and his sister. We met for lunch, 4 years ago, and the rest is history! I was born in Newton, Massachusetts but have been a Florida girl since before I could walk. I prefer a hot Florida day over any snow-shoveling winter day, for sure! I’m drawn to all things bright & cheerful and if you were to see my home, my office and certainly my closet~ they all represent ME to a ‘T’!  I collect Hermes scarves from countries I’ve been fortunate to visit, be it work or leisure, and I have them framed and displayed as art in my home.  I LOVE all colors but orange and turquoise are my favorites!

If you could talk to yourself 5 years ago, what advice would you give yourself? 

WOW! If I only had a crystal ball back in 2013!! With the ever-changing retail industry, I would’ve told myself not to commit to long-term leases with our flagship, brick, and mortar TRACY NEGOSHIAN stores. We opened our first flagship store on 5th Avenue Naples, FL October of 2013, and our 2nd in downtown St. Petersburg, FL 1 year later. We now have 3, St. Armand’s Circle-Sarasota, FL is our 3rd location. I did not say ‘I wish I never opened our flagship stores’ because that’s not the case. Over the past few years, they’ve been great marketing for the brand and have introduced TRACY NEGOSHIAN to people from all over the U.S and abroad. However, my gears have shifted and I would rather invest in people, not leases! With this being said, the brand is now a decade old and continues to grow because I know how to ‘change with the times’. I’m extremely proud of my TN team and the countless hours, commitment and heart that’s been put into our new Stylist Opportunity!

What is your biggest challenge personally/professionally?

I’m living the American Dream and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given by family that believes in me and supports my dreams!

Fun facts: my sister works with me, my brother traveled the U.S with me when I was launching the brand-setting up at Junior League shows and selling, my mom opened all of our flagship stores and is now one of our Stylists and my step-dad is my business partner!

Along with the many perks of being a business owner, there are many pitfalls that aren’t immediate to come to mind when looking at the ‘big picture’. There is no ‘day off’ so it’s been very difficult for me to ‘turn it off’ when I get home and be 100% wife/mom. Along with that, now that I’m a mom (my greatest title), my 12-14 hour days have turned into 7 hours in the office, max! So, more than ever, prioritizing has been a MUST! I’m a very visual person and still prefer to manually write and see everything opposed to relying on technology to send me notifications, etc. So, as I still struggle with trying to give 110% to both my family and my business, I can’t help feel guilty sometimes when I’m not! I’m forever grateful for my village! 

What are your favorite bloom products, and why?

I love the bloom Vision Planner!  It’s everything I need, all in one place! In fact, I love them SO much, we decided to give them to all of our TN Stylists so they can keep track of the In-Home Boutiques they have scheduled, set their goals and track their progress, keep track of our TN Stylist team calls and more! And, don’t forget about the pocket in the back for all of those miscellaneous things like party invites that you keep for directions or baby shower invites that you still need to RSVP to before the deadline. Lastly, I think the size is great!  It’s big enough to include enough writing space, but not too big for transporting! #BLOOMGIRL all the way! 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Tracy! Tracy is offering a 15% discount code "Bloom15" on her site http://www.mytnstyle.com/

Do you have a #girlboss story to share? Email us at bloom@bloomplanners.com for a chance to be our next featured bloom girl!

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