Featured #bloomgirl: Kristi Bahgat; Online Business Manager and Personal Development Guru!

Meet today’s featured #bloomgirl, Kristi! She is an amazing mama and coach who recently left her “safe” corporate job of 16 years to take the plunge of starting her own business!

“I didn't have it all figured out, and I didn't even have a client (or know how I'd get one), but I knew that like everything else in life it was "figureoutable." Here I am now 1 year into business and I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made.”

Learn more about Kristi and how she overcame her fear of the unknown to pursue her calling below!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Kristi. I'm a mom of 2 (Lyla, 6 & Zane, 3), wife, and Delaware native (born & raised!). I'm a former HR manager turned online business manager who supports female coaches and other online service providers. I love all shows on Bravo, Chiki-Fil-A, acai bowls, and am obsessed with personal development (I'm a sucker for a good motivational quote!). 

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I picked up my first personal development book about 6 years ago (The Slight Edge) and I have been on my personal development journey ever since. Authors like Rachel Hollis and Jen Sincero, in combination with my mom's work ethic and my husband's encouragement, have played a huge part in my journey and have given me the inspiration to become who I am today.

My children are also a huge inspiration for me because I want to teach them that anything is possible and that they can create and live a life by their design and don't have to follow society's standards (ie. go to college, get a job).  I'm trying to instill a little entrepreneurial/ philanthropist spirit in my daughter from an early age because I want her to grow up looking for opportunities that could improve her life and the life of others. 

During her Kindergarten year her class decided to raise money for the koalas in Australia that were being misplaced due to the wildfires.  She loves to draw, so she drew a picture of a koala on a tree with the phrase, "save the koalas," across it. We decided to raise money by selling her drawing in exchange for a donation and she raised over $500! 

Then, this past summer, she got really into making bracelets out of little colored rubber bands. I posted a few on FB thinking that only my mom would buy one, but they ended up being a hit and she ended up earning a couple hundred bucks!

Lastly, this may sound silly, but I also get inspired by thinking about the future version of myself. I like to think about things like:  What kind of business does she have? What opportunities has she created in her life? How does she act? How does she dress? How does she show up for herself and her family? Then, I try to step into the shoes of that version of myself as if I'm already her. 


What's the biggest challenge you've faced, personally or professionally? How have you overcome it? 

My biggest challenge recently was leaving a job and a company I was with for 16 years! In a way, I grew up with the people in that company who had turned into family. However (not to sound cliche), I knew that I was made for more and I wanted to make a bigger impact and live life on my terms. I didn't want to miss any more time (or important school functions) with my kids. I didn't want to have to feel guilty for calling out when they were sick. I wanted to be more available, but I still wanted to help provide for my family. One day it dawned on me when my husband and I were at the park with our kids and I turned to him and said, "what if I just started my own business as an online business manager?" I had YEARS of experience, and I knew that those skills would transfer well to the online space. Just a few short weeks from that moment I had quit my job and started my journey as an entrepreneur.  I didn't have it all figured out, and I didn't even have a client (or know how I'd get one), but I knew that like everything else in life it was "figureoutable." Here I am now 1 year into business and I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made. 

If you could talk to yourself 5 years ago, what advice would you give yourself? 

Trust in the timing of things happening in your life. For the longest time, I had thought about leaving the company that I worked for but I never knew what I wanted to do. I was so comfortable where I was and had been there for so long that I didn't know what existed for me outside of that. Looking back now, I realize that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now for this season of my life. I was ready for this journey (becoming an entrepreneur) and all of the challenges that come with it, but if I had tried any sooner without all of the mindset work I've done so far, I don't think I would have succeeded. 

What are some key books/ learning experiences that helped shape you/ your company? 

A few years ago I watched Rachel Hollis's documentary on Amazon Prime called Made for More and that lit a fire in my soul like I've never felt before. She validated my feelings that I had for the longest time, but didn't know how to put into words. It wasn't until after watching that documentary that I was like, "That's it! That's exactly how I feel! I AM made for more!" That was kind of the start of this "self-discovery" process that I went through where I got really curious about what's next in life for me? What is it that I want to be doing? The coolest, full-circle thing that happened was that a few years later from watching that documentary I attended her first ever Rise Business Conference (as a brand new business owner!) with the most awesome speaker line up. Attending the Rise Business conference was absolutely the BEST investment I could have ever made in myself and in my brand new business. 

What would you tell someone who is nervous or afraid to leave a safe job to pursue their dreams? 

Life is too dang short so take your shot! Yes it's scary and no you won't have all of the answers, but the only way to get the answers you're looking for is to START. Just START somewhere!  There will come a point where you will have to ask yourself: Am I more afraid of failing, or am I more afraid of staying the same? Which one do you want to live with, fear or faith? 

What are your favorite bloom products, and why? 

Ooof, where do I start?! I LOVE checklists, to-do lists, and calendars so pretty much...all of them?! I LOVE my Vision Planner (I get a new one for Christmas every year and currently have the "This Year Is For Blooming" one) and I love my Desk Calendar; I use both every day and they really help me feel like I have my life together and help my keep track of my to-dos. I also love my stickers

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