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I always used to use a planner in school, but the past few years after graduating college my planning needs literally quadrupled! I actually use four planners – two of our classic daily planners and two bound to dos. Here’s how I use each one:

Vintage Floral Hard Cover Daily Planner - for work/personal appointments and reminders. This gives me the big picture for each month and week. I have meeting times and deadlines for work jotted down as well as fun dinner dates and weekend field trips! 

Vintage Floral Bound To Do – for all the day to day work projects I have going on that I can’t fit into my daily planner. Here, I can break down what assignments I need to tackle right away and which ones can wait if need be.

Pink & Gold Bound To Do – for all the personal chores I need to accomplish. This could be cleaning around the house, a doctor’s appointment I need to schedule, an errand I need to run. I love the “today I’m grateful for” section because it is filling out this planner that I really think about all the people and things I am privileged to have in my life.

Rose Gold Stripes Daily Planner – for fitness tracking. We don’t have a fitness planner in the bloom line yet, so I just made my own. I really enjoy trying different classes at my local YMCA. I like to mark the days that I work out and note what class I did on the monthly views. It’s just a nice accomplishment snap shot. On the weekly views, I plan out my meals for the week so I don’t over buy or waste groceries.

Between these four planners, I feel pretty organized, but there’s always the option to add a fifth into the mix if not! I hope you found these tips helpful on how I use my bloom products!



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