Employee #SpotlightSunday on Jen!

I’ve always been the type of person who NEEDS to write things down. My mind has a tendency to go off in a hundred different directions, and physically taking notes is one of the only ways I can be sure I’m not forgetting anything. My Monthly Planner and Bound To-Do Book are an absolute necessity for staying organized! Here’s why this planner combination is a perfect solution for me:

Monthly Planner- I’m definitely more of a “big picture” girl when it comes to managing my schedule. The simplicity of the monthly layout makes it easy to see what I have going on at a glance, and it keeps me cognizant of any important commitments/events/deadlines coming up. My Monthly Planner is where I keep track of things like birthdays, dinner plans, vet appointments, vacations, etc. Here is a picture of mine below. 


Bound To-Do Book- During the week, I use my Bound To-Do Book for a more detailed breakdown of daily tasks and reminders. It's so helpful to make lists of everything I want to accomplish, and nothing feels better than crossing it all off! It even helps me monitor how much water I drink--(not always a full 8 glasses, but I'm getting there!). 

I hope that hearing my tips of how I stay organized can help you all as well!! Thanks for reading!



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