DIY: Fall Pumpkin Painting

Fall is in full swing and pumpkin carving/decorating is our favorite fall activity. We created some awesome metallic painted pumpkins here in the office and wanted to show you how we did it so you can create your own painted pumpkins! 

Step 1: Gather your materials

We picked up these cute white pumpkins at our favorite pumpkin patch, Milburn Orchards. We bought black and gold metallic acrylic paints and gold glitter. We used four different brushes- large flat, medium round, medium flat, and small round. Make sure you have a pencil and a black sharpie marker!

Step 2: Paint the stems

We wanted our pumpkins to have a cohesive look, so we painted all of the stems metallic gold. 

Step 3: Start with your base color 

We had three larger pumpkins, so we knew we wanted to paint a cute fall quote on the largest one and then paint fun designs on the medium ones. Start with your base colors and designs.

Step 4: Add the details 

For the largest pumpkin, we sketched out the quote with a black sharpie marker and then went back in and outlined the wording with black paint. It may be easier to sketch out your design first with a pencil if you think you will mess up. There is also the option to do the writing in sharpie marker, as that is an easier tool to control on a bumpy surface.

For the two medium-sized pumpkins, we added simple black dots to the all gold metallic pumpkin, and gold stripes outlined in black for the other. 

Step 5: Add a little sparkle

We were originally going to add gold sparkles to all of the pumpkins but after we did the two mini pumpkins we thought they looked so good and could add just enough accent glitter to the bunch. 

And voilà! You're done! We were inspired by metallic paints this season but there are so many different designs to choose from. We encourage you to get creative and try something out! Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more pumpkin DIY pictures!



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