The bloom Team's New Year Goals!

The bloom team wanted to share some of our goals going into the new year! A new year is a fresh start to tackle new goals and reflect on the highlights and challenges of the year past! What goals are you hoping to tackle in 2018 and how do you plan to achieve them? Tell us in the comments or message us to be featured! Check out our New Year Printables to keep yourself accountable for your new goals in 2018!

Here are some of the bloom team's goals:

Jenn's Goals:

"I have a few so here they are in no particular order for 2018! I've been saying for a few years now that I will join a yoga class again because I used to really love it years ago and I want to get back into it again. Every year I research a place near me to go to and then never follow through. In 2018 it is my goal to finally follow through. Another is to go on more "artist dates". I read a book years ago called "The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron" a great read if you are creatively blocked! One of the things they say to do is go on Artist Dates and I used to do it all the time. Not so much any more. I need to take the time to do it more, whether it's going to the art museum, an art show, taking a walk at the park...anything really where you can clear your mind, have some alone time and find that creative spark again! Lastly, after my dad passed away last year my mom, brother and I talked about taking a family trip in his memory. We tossed around a few ideas...Poland, Europe, Local...I think we may do local and go back to Bar Harbor, ME. We used to go camping there in the summer as a kid. My dad loved it there and I've always wanted to go back. I remember a day last year when he was in alot of pain and there just happened to be a TV show on about Bar Harbor, ME and in order to distract him we talked about the fun times we had as a family in Maine and all the stuff we did when we were there. I am hoping that in the summer of 2018 we can get back there and hit all the spots we used to go to and create some new memories and remember some old ones too!"

Brie's Goals:

"My 2018 resolution is to be more confident and take more chances! Lately, I’ve run into a lot of situations that seem intimidating - meeting new people, starting a new job, starting a design business, and with that, promoting myself. Instead of questioning my work and hesitating to put myself and my work out there, I want to have the confidence to stand behind my work proudly.  Using that confidence, I want to step outside of my comfort zone - work on new projects I haven’t done before, not be afraid to fail, aim for big clients, and learn new things! I hope to take my creativity to the next level in 2018!"

Colette's Goals:

"My resolution for 2018 is actually to do more things for myself, just for fun. That sounds kind of silly and selfish, but is honestly what I think I need. I’m always so focused on what needs to get done right then and there, that I never take a step back. Being a Visual Communications major in the art and design program, and a Graphic Design intern are two things I absolutely love being, but at the end of every day, I never come home and draw just for fun, relieve stress through painting, or make anything for myself. It’s been a super busy year, full of exciting and new projects and opportunities, but I never want all of it to become overwhelming, I never want to lose my love for art. I never want it to be a responsibility or something I don’t look forward to doing. This upcoming year I want to fall in love with everything I do again. I want 2018 to be the year that I am my most creative and happiest self, and the year I do things for myself."

Lauren's Goals:

"My goal for 2018 is to be unapologetically ME! I want to be my truest, most genuine, and most care-free self in 2018. I spend a lot of time worrying about what others think of me and I think that has really held me back from doing and enjoying things that I love most. In return, I want to stop criticizing and judging others for who they are and what they do. I love the quote from Christian D. Larson, "To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others." I want to let others be who they are and let myself be who I am as well! I want to spend so much improving myself, loving what I do, and enjoying my life that I don't even have the time to think about what other people think of me or to judge or criticize anyone around me. I am an encourager and cheerleader for others by nature and want to extend that even further in 2018!"

Kaylyn's Goals: 

"One of my resolutions in 2018 is focusing on the relationships in my life. 2017 was all about Stephen and I wedding planning and bringing our dream wedding to life. We had family and friends that traveled across the country to come to events surrounding our wedding, including Mexico to celebrate our special day! This meant the world to us. I want our loved ones to know that we will always value our relationships first and we will do the same for them. I have already begun lining up trips to visit long distance friends and family that we have talked about doing for years. 2018 = no excuses, we are making it happen! Two trips already on our radar are visiting one of my best friends in California and my Brother and his family in Colorado! I can’t wait to make these trips happen and spend quality time with those that matter most to us."

Kristina's Goals:

"In 2018, I want to go with the flow and not let ambiguity scare me. I have always been a person who needs to know what's going on and have a plan. While it's great to be organized, I need to get better with handling changes in plans and not letting them freak me out. I like to have my days planned out often to the minute, and when one thing changes it can sometimes feel in the moment like the world is ending. Now that I've just finished college, and have some free time to figure out what my next step is going to be, I want to become comfortable with the unknown and let it excite and inspire me rather than intimidate me! There's a whole new world out there for me to explore and while I might not have a plan yet, I want to learn to trust the process and just enjoy the ride rather than keeping everything so rushed and structured all the time. Instead of filling my free moments with worry over what is going to happen next, I want to fill that extra time working on my own happiness, holding onto my sense of adventure, and not holding myself back. This past year was a huge year of growth for me in so many ways, and I’m just getting started! So here’s to 2018 being a year of letting go of the reigns a little, accepting myself for who I am, and trusting the process!"

Mackenzie's Goals:

"In 2018, I'll work towards finishing my projects before I start on others. I have struggled to balance the excitement of beginning new projects with finishing the ones I have already began. Items that are further down on my list (things that are not urgent, yet still important) get lost and then rushed once the deadline creeps up on me. After reading Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I realized that even though my daily life is fairly organized, I don't prioritize my long term projects and that is where I fall behind. If I just put first things first, I would be able to get to everything on my list in a timely manner. Not only will I be happier and more satisfied with my work, but those around me will be happier, too. Joining the bloom team introduced me to my coveted organization tool, my Palm Leaves Vision Planner, where I can see my items laid out in one spot on a monthly view, then by each week so it's easier to break down where I am with each project. Cheers to checking off everything on my list in 2018!"

Michelle's Goals: 

"My resolution is to become 100% debt free (except for our mortgage!) in 2018. My husband and I recently discovered Dave Ramsey, and his books and podcast have totally changed our views and attitudes towards money and debt. We have spent the past few months perfecting a realistic monthly budget (tracked via Mint!) We've really gotten into the rhythm of reigning in unnecessary spending and keeping each other accountable for purchases. It sounds strange, but it's actually been fun, and empowering! It has made our relationship stronger because we're communicating better and we're working together as a team towards our shared goals. We've also gotten much more creative thinking of fun, "outside the box" date nights vs. just going out for an overpriced dinner, so it has created some unique experiences for us. Since starting the program we've already paid off a credit card and a student loan, and that feels SO good! I highly recommend Dave's book "The Total Money Makeover" for anyone looking to make a finance based resolution for 2018!"
What goals are you hoping to tackle in 2018 and how do you plan to achieve them? Tell us in the comments or message us to be featured! And be sure to check out our New  Year Printables on our website to keep yourself accountable for your new goals in 2018! Goodbye, 2017 and cheers to the Best Year Ever in 2018!


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