Overly Organized Tips for the New Year

With the new year right around the corner, one encouraging and attainable resolution is becoming more organized. Although a daily planner can help visually organize thoughts, it's important to physically clear your space for a fresh start! Here are some creative tips to simplify and de-clutter before the new year!

The Magazine Rack
One crafty way to organize your desk and work area is to use a magazine rack! Whether it's to hold hair tools, makeup palettes or work folders, it's a great way to organize. Not to mention, it's super pleasing to the eye and keeps everything in a contained space. Plus, magazine racks come in all different materials and styles. Our personal favorite is the cast iron metal look for a rustic feel.

Mug Holder
Ever find the cutest mug in a store but just can't bring yourself to buy it because you have so many at home? Here's the push you need to finally get it: use it as pencil holder! You can find adorable monogramed mugs for less than $10 at Anthropologie or ones with hysterical sayings on Etsy! Whichever you choose, you'll have a functional place to keep your writing utensils and never have to scramble for a pen! 
Desk Calendar
Desk calendars are often overlooked and overshadowed by their cousins, planners. There seems to be this common misconception that desk planners are white and boring and solely for appointments. Wrong! We love bloom's fun patterns to brighten up our desk and a great size that offers lots of room for each day to write down our everything. Pro tip: use your desk calendar as a reward; write down a quote, a goal or a gift to yourself on a certain day to have something to look forward to and make work go by faster!
Have a bulletin board that's plagued with push pins and deadlines? Drape a fun colored ribbon at the top of the board with a tack on each end and use cute mini clothespins (found at any office supply store!) and hang pictures, post-it reminders, and adorable sayings to clear the congestion and have a happy idea board to organize thoughts!
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Kaylyn & Michelle

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