4 Tips To Plan a Gift Exchange!

'Tis the season! Time is flying by and Christmas is almost here but, don't let that get your tinsel in a tangle! Be sure to make time to celebrate the holiday season with all your best friends and family! Buying gifts for every single one of your friends can start to become expensive and stressful but never fear that is why Secret Santa is here!
Here are 4 tips to plan a Secret Santa Gift exchange with your friends and family!
#1: Customize
Everyone loves a little bit of customization! Customizing gifts shows to your friends that you are listening to them and putting thought into your gifts! A major key to rocking this year's gift-giving game is to personalize each gift and make it unique!
Pro tip: leading up to the holiday season, keep a tab in your notes section on your phone and jot down the little things that your friends or family members mention needing or wanting. Even if it's something silly or said in passing, the fact that you kept track of their interests shows that you care and want to make their present SPECIAL! 
#2: Price Cap
Make a spending limit! This allows everyone to feel as though they are on the same playing field and no one feels as though they have to spend too much on any one gift. We suggest a spending limit of about $20-$30. If you and your friends are on a tight budget, try a spending limit of $10. This creates an opportunity for creativity and thinking outside the box!

#3: Get Creative
Have you seen those videos of people unwrapping giant boxes, only to find that within that giant box, there is another medium-sized box, and then inside that one is an even smaller one and so on? Pretty funny, right!? Doing something creative and fun like that is sure to turn the gift into an experience! Make it an unforgettable experience for not only the gift receiver but for everyone involved!  
#4: Make it a Party
Spread all the joy and cheer of the holiday season by making this Secret Santa event into a fun party with your friends. Make it like the "Friendsgiving" of December! Have everyone bring their favorite holiday dish, serve some warm hot cocoa and fun boozy cocktails with all the comfort Christmas classics to make the night special! Play fun games, wear the ugliest Christmas sweater, elf hats, Santa hats and make some fun crafts! Have everyone make a snowflake to turn the house into a winter wonderland! Have all your friends paint some pinecones and dust them with glitter. Have all your besties decorate a tree together while the marvelous and melodic Michael Bublè plays in the background. Most importantly, decorate Christmas cookies and have dance parties to the one and only Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas". Watch the sappy Hallmark movies or the funny classics and create a night that SNOWbody will forget!
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We hope you enjoyed these tips! We're wishing you a fantastic holiday season! 
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