Featured bloom girl - Kim Adams!

Kim Adams We are so excited to announce our 2nd featured bloom girl, Kim Adams! Vloggers (video bloggers) are a trend that has been sweeping the internet the past few years, and we absolutely love the ambition and entrepreneurship that these young women display! Kim's YouTube channel MakeUpByKimm has always been one of our favorites. We were so excited when Kim reviewed our planners back in 2012 and have been following her even more closely ever since. Kim has amassed an impressive 87,000+ YouTube subscribers, and watching her videos it's easy to see why! Her happy, bubbly personality is magnetic. Her signature sign off is "Remember that you're BEAUTIFUL and LOVED!" and she infuses all of her videos with a great energy that makes you smile. We love the quote "Your dream job does not exist - you must create it!" and that's exactly what Kim and similar fashion vloggers are doing. They are taking what they love to do and turning it into a career through sponsored ads and business partnerships! We asked Kim a few questions about how she got started and what advice she'd like to give other women. What is the story behind your YouTube channel? "I started my YouTube channel in middle school for fun. I was starting to get really into makeup and fashion, so I began using it as a creative outlet. It was just an extra hobby when I had time, and I never imagined that it would turn into what it is for me today. I partnered with StyleHaul (the network my channel is connected with) in 2011 and that's when YouTube turned into not only a hobby for me, but also a professional outlet. Currently YouTube is my only job (although I just moved and am currently looking for a part time job on top of YouTube - I like staying busy!), and I truly love it!" What Inspires You? "I would say that there are a number of things as well as people. My faith is a huge inspiration to me, as I feel that it pushes me to be a good role model for my young viewers and encourage them to remember that they are beautiful and loved. I also find inspirations from people I meet, magazines, and pretty much everywhere! I believe it's important to keep your eyes open and appreciate life; this is where much of my inspiration comes from!" What Advice Would You Give Other Women? "Always try to find a balance between working hard and having fun. It's very important to set goals for yourself, but it's equally important to realize that you need to enjoy life. Don't let a failure make you want to quit, instead learn from it and move on!" Please check out Kim's YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/makeupbykimm Are you interested in creating your own YouTube blog? Check out these tips! Keep following your dreams and keep on blooming! Xoxo,
 Michelle & Kaylyn

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