New Product Feature: Work/Life Balance Pad

Does your mental to-do list ever leave you wishing that a genie in a bottle will appear and magically grant you more time in the day? too. Managing a hectic work and personal schedule can leave us feeling overwhelmed, unbalanced and give us that unsettling feeling that we're constantly missing something. 

Our new Work/Life Balance Planning Pad allows you to keep track of your weekly work and personal life all in one place! It helps you break down your week and make sure you're dedicating time to bettering yourself in all areas of your life! This pad breaks out your weekly work and personal to-do lists by priority, but also makes sure you're taking time to renew your mind, take care of your body, nurture relationships and cultivate gratitude. The scheduling portion at the top allows you to record appointments and additional to-dos, and daily water icons make sure you're staying hydrated with 8 glasses of water per day. This pad is helping bloom girls live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and make sure they're taking care of themselves, not just checking off their to-do lists! 

Here are some tips for using our new Work/Life Balance Pad to unleash your inner do-it-all super powers:

1. Utilize Sundays for Planning Ahead

We love the quote "A Sunday well spent brings a week on content." Set aside 10-15 minutes each Sunday to begin jotting down a few things you are anticipating for the upcoming week on your planning pad. Giving yourself a small head start Sunday night can help you brace the reality of Monday morning with more confidence, ease, and positivity.

Put your most important goal at the beginning of each week in your “This Week’s Focus” box. This space serves as a subtle reminder of your week's "theme," or most important overarching priority. “This Week’s Focus” can be an intention you set every 7 days to help keep you right on track toward your impending accomplishments.

 2. Organize by Priority

Every planning sheet divides your weekly priorities into work and personal to-do lists. Dividing your tasks up this way allows you to stay focused on work items during the day, and personal items on breaks and after work, maximizing your efficiency. Think of your balance planning sheet as a mobile time-clock - allowing you to stay on top of your various morning, afternoon, and evening to-do’s all day, every day.

Don't forget to make your health a priority, too! The body/mind/relationships/gratitude section reminds you to make weekly time for yourself and your relationships, which sometimes get pushed to the wayside under a never ending "to-do" mentality. 

3. Keep your Eye on the Prize, and *Schedule* Your Downtime! 

When we are on the move, our mind is too. Keeping a close focus on our daily schedule allows us to better balance ourselves. Aim to focus on simplicity - complete one thing at a time. Whatever your goal for the hour may be, devote your full attention to it!

Allow yourself time for work and play each day. If you actually schedule downtime, you may be able to work more intently knowing that you have a small space in your schedule for browsing the web and playing with snap chat filters…AFTER your work is done!

We hope your new Work/Life Balance Pad helps you bloom to your highest potential and keeps you feeling balanced and stress-free! Let us know any feedback and YOUR best tips for staying balanced in today's fast pace world! 


Michelle & Kaylyn

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