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Peacock Bundle

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We've created a Vision Planner Bundle bundle that will help you bloom this year, in style! With our Vision Planner, you'll be able to map out your monthly and weekly schedule to pursue your goals for the year. Our Planning System Pad will give you a daily view to prioritize all of your to dos. Then we included a Notebook to keep track of any miscellaneous ideas and an Address Book to remind you to keep in touch with those who are important to you! 

This is a great set for anyone trying to take charge of their future and tackle their to dos but especially for a student starting out the school year or even a professional beginning their work year. This set is also a great gift for someone heading back to college or starting a new job after graduating.

Our “Back To School” Vintage Floral Set Includes:

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Full retail for this set is $62.80. Score 15% retails off by purchasing as a set! 



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