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Home Organization Bundle in Pink & Gold

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This is the perfect set to keep your home office organized and looking fresh! With our Vision Planner, you'll be able to map out your monthly and weekly schedule to pursue your goals for the year. Our matching Bound To Do List will give you a daily view to prioritize all of your to dos. The bound format makes this an easily portable item if you're traveling between a home and work office, or just out running errands. We added in our File Folder Set to add a little color to your filing cabinet and an Address Book to remind you to reach out and plan something with your friends, colleagues and family! You can't spend your whole life in your home office, no matter how cute it is ;)
This is a great set for anyone trying to add a little organization to their life, whether you're a new homeowner, a mom and a professional, or just someone feeling a little stressed out by their daily to dos and long term vision. You might consider buying this as a housewarming gift or for someone starting a new job or chapter in their life!

Our “Home Organization” Bundle Includes:

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