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Back To School Teacher Bundle - Stripes

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We've created the ultimate Back to School bundle for any organized teacher in your life! Our Teacher Planner will help you compile your goals for the year, providing you a space to plan lessons and track your progress with each of your classes. With our Planning Pad, you can prioritize your daily tasks in and out of the classroom to stay on top of your professional and personal goals. Your matching Binder and File Folders will help you keep all your important documents in one place. And of course you'll have your Teacher Planner for lesson and classroom planning.
This is a great set for teachers of any grade. It is even a wonderful resource for college students that may be student teaching as they prepare to lead a classroom of their own. For anyone that strives to inspire and be a role model to their students, this set will encourage them to be the best that they can be as they help the children they teach to do the same! 

Our Back To School Teacher Bundle Includes:

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