Hi all! Michelle here, one of the founders of bloom. The shipping world is crazy right now, and we wanted to post some proactive updates! We have Merrick, our new shipping manager, on the case! ... just kidding (kind of πŸ˜†) A little background...

Shipping couriers are currently still recovering increased volume from retailers around the world switching to e-commerce practices, COVID social distancing safety measures, and backup from the holiday season. While things are getting better, and some orders are totally unaffected, some orders are still being delayed (depending upon your location and the USPS backup in that area.) Our small team has been working around the clock, on weekends, and even bringing our babies in on New Year's Day to ensure all orders are packed up as quickly (and safely) as possible to offset these delays! We wish that we could do more to help carriers out but, unfortunately, delays with delivery services once product is in their hands are completely out of our (and all small businesses) control.

Before ordering, please note, while some orders are completely unaffected, some may still take up to 1 week to show tracking movement in addition to estimated transit times at checkout, even if you choose an expedited UPS shipping option. Some standard transit times via USPS will come as scheduled, while some may be delayed up to one month in some areas due to USPS's current COVID backlog.

If you've already ordered and your items are showing as "in transit, arriving late," please hang tight. These packages are not lost, just delayed. Tracking numbers have been funky lately and it's not uncommon for them to show no movement, then suddenly arrive, or be marked as delivered and come the next day. If your concern is time-sensitive (shipping address change, received the wrong order, have an urgent timeline), please email once regarding the concern and we will get back to everyone as quickly as we can!

We completely understand how frustrating these delays can be. We know everyone is anxious for a fresh start in 2021, and they want their planners NOW. We thank you in advance for your grace and understanding with both us and overwhelmed postal workers. As always, thanks for supporting bloom, we truly appreciate you! Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2021 ❀️

xoxo, the bloom team