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#bloomgirls are all connected by a common thread - a commitment to continualy striving to bloom into the best version of themselves! Here is a curation of some of our past featured #bloomgirls. These women particularly stood out to us as great role models and inspirational figures, kicking butt and taking names in their respective fields. Click their pictures to read more about each of these girl bosses! Want to be featured, or have someone else to recommend? Contact us! We'd love to hear how you're spreading the love!

Lynda Daring

Founder & CEO, Daring Celebrations

Vinutha Rattehalli

Graphic Artist

Valerie Weisler

Founder & CEO, The Validation Project

Sage Schwer

Founder & CEO, Porch Finds

Alyssa Kuchta

Founder of eff.y.bee



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