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Bound To-Do Book, Bloom
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We've created Bound To-Do List Booklets based off our TOP SELLING Planning System To-Do Pads. These books are designed to help you tackle your days intentionally, and in style! Use these lists as a daily "brain dump" to get all of the chatter out of your head and down onto paper. Put everything in it's box and get to work! Keep these lists bound for a record of your days, or tear them out as you need them. Do whatever works for you! Specifications and features include: 

    • DIMENSIONS: 8.25" tall x 6" wide (with binding) x .4" thick, 8.7 oz
    • Booklet of undated, double sided, tear off to-do sheets
    • 146 total to do lists per book!
    • Fields on each sheet include:
      • Space for today's date
      • 3 "Must Do Today!" lines
      • 13 "Other To-Dos" lines
      • 1 "Important Times" section
      • 1 "Today I'm Grateful For" section
      • 1 "Meals" section broken out for breakfast, lunch & dinner
      • 1 "Exercise" section
      • Water tracking! Mark off your 8 glasses of water per day to stay healthy
    • Use as a planner and keep pages together, or rip them out as you need them! All pages are perforated for easy, clean tearing
    • Storage pocket on back inside cover
    • Metal spiral binding allows your book to lay flat on your desk
    • Inspirational quotes on front and back inside covers

    Prefer a planner version with monthly views and enough daily pages for a full year? Check out our new Undated Daily To-Do Planner!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews Write a review!


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