Top 10 Tips to Exceed in College and Have a Productive Year

It’s that time of year! Back to school season is well underway, meaning it’s time to switch from summer relaxation mode to boss mode. To make this your most productive year yet, we've outlined our top 10 tips that are guaranteed to keep you productive and focused throughout the year!

1. Stay Organized 

Daily planners, bound to-do books and google calendar are great ways to stay on top of assignments coming up, appointments, and events coming up so that you are always on your A-game. 

2. Get Involved On Campus

We cannot emphasize this enough. Being a part of a club, sorority, or activity not only builds a sense of community but also helps you build a stellar resume! A great resume is made up of great academics as well as activities. Being involved at school shows future employers your commitment to activities you care about. Extracurricular activities will also give you more to talk about when talking to future employees! 

3. Set Roommate Expectations

If you have roommates, this one is for you! It is always a good idea to have a chat around expectations early on so that when problems come up down the road (and they will), you can reference the rules and that you both agreed upon. Whether this is a chore chart to split up cleaning tasks or a roommate expectation contract, Bloom's got you covered with free printables! Check them out, here

4. Get A Part-Time Job

This way you have money to have fun with friends and learn a bit about managing your finances (if you haven’t already). Kick it up a notch by finding an internship geared towards your major.

5. Invest in Business Cards

College is THE time to boost your professional presence - Vistaprint is a great website to order business cards from.

6. Pick Up Some Fun Accessories

Having some professional accessories on hand can keep you feeling put together, and help you stand out to professors and potential employers. We love these cute customizable business card holders from Etsy. A nice clipboard and pen will also do the trick. Job fair attendees = impressed! 

7. Get To Know Your Professors

Asking questions during class and going to office hours are great ways to network! Professors not only offer professional advice tailored to your major, but may even know about exclusive internships. Bonus points because they can put in a good word for you!

8. Do NOT Study In Bed

A study by the American College of Healthcare Sciences states that (as cozy as staying in your room might sound) studying in bed can be detrimental to your health, and your grades may take a hit. The interns here at bloom agree across the board that quiet spaces like the library, university student centers, and coffee shops are among the best study spots!

8. Learn About The Free Resources Your School Offers

Most universities have programs available to their students to enhance their college experience. For example, the Career Center may offer free resume workshops,  the English Department may host writing workshops to help you master that essay, and so forth. Free tutoring, also! Familiarize yourself with scholarships offered through the school or specifically for your major too.

9. Utiliza Free Apps

Download Apps like Chegg for affordable textbooks, Quizlet to make online flashcards, Alarmy for a smart alarm that will get you up and ready for classes, and Mint to budget your finances and see exactly how much you are spending each month!

We hope this list helps you be as productive as can be, #bloomgirls!

Have any tips of your own to stay on how to stay on your A-game during college? Feel free to share with us by commenting below!


the bloom team

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