Top 10 College Essentials

Spring is such an exciting time for college-bound high school seniors because the stress of college searching is over, you are almost done with your high school years and you're going to college!! No more mini heart attacks every time you check your mailbox or email to see if your dream college has sent your acceptance letter. No more questions from family members asking which colleges you applied to and what you’re majoring in! So now that you know where you’re going, what’s next? We have compiled the top ten essentials every incoming college freshman needs to guarantee their success in college!

1. A Planner

A planner is such an essential for any type of student, but especially a freshman in college! Everything in college is so much different than high school. It can get a little overwhelming with the amount of school work, test dates, club meetings and so on. Having a planner to put all your due dates in makes everything so much easier and guarantees that you’ll never forget an important date! Our daily planners are perfect for the average college student. The daily pages have so much room to write all your homework, test dates, to-dos, and events!

2. A Desk Calendar

When you can visualize all your important due dates for school such as test dates or project due dates, you’ll end up being able to plan how to effectively prepare for these dates. Having a large calendar either on your desk or hanging over your desk will remind you what dates are rapidly approaching and help you prioritize what you need to get finished. Check out our different calendars here!

3. Room Organizers

As a freshman, you are most likely going to be assigned to a small dorm room, shared with a roommate. This is such a fun experience as a freshman to make friends and bond with a roommate, but small rooms make it hard to stay organized! It is so important to keep your room organized so you feel like it’s a comfortable place to study in. Different organizers for your desk, shoes and misc. items are essential! Some specific organizers I recommend are bloom’s desk organizer (Perfect to fit your binders, folders, and textbooks in one place), a desk drawer organizer (for different writing utensils and other school supplies), a shoe organizer and stackable storage bins!

4. A Desk Lamp

Due to the busy schedule of college students, sometimes studying calls for long nights! If you’re on a large college campus and don’t feel comfortable spending late hours in your library or student center studying, your room is always the next best option. Having a desk lamp eliminates conflict with you and your roommate so you don’t keep them up, but you’re still able to study! Check out this great desk lamp from Amazon!

5. A Reliable Backpack

Long days require you to carry multiple textbooks, notebooks, folders and your computer around campus. It’s so important to find a backpack sturdy enough to carry these things that will allow you to say comfortable throughout the day! Check out this backpack from North Face! Their great quality will last all four years of college.

6. A Reusable Water Bottle

    A reusable water bottle will save you a lot of money in college! If you have a reusable water bottle, this will save you from constantly buying packs of water bottles from the grocery store or purchasing a water bottle every day. This will help you save money for other fun things! Not to mention, it really does make a positive impact on our environment by using a reusable water bottle. On most campuses, there are tons of filtered water stations where you can refill your water bottle. On the slight chance that your campus doesn’t have refill stations, I definitely would recommend a Brita water bottle. This way you can fill your water bottle in a sink and it will still be filtered!

    7. Earphones

    Studying for long hours in the silence can get pretty boring and exhausting. Packing a pair of earphones in your backpack is always a great idea just in case you need some background music while studying or walking to class! For more information about different quality, headphone brands check out this great article by!

    Tip: Need a playlist to listen to while studying? Check out bloom’s Spotify “Study” Playlist!

    8. Portable Charger

      A portable charger comes in handy way more times than you would think! Just like the earphones, I suggest charging it up and packing it away in your backpack for those just in case moments where your phone is about to die after a long day of being out and about! Check out this one from Amazon!

      9. First Aid Kit

        A first aid kit to store in one of your stackable storage bins is definitely an essential for your freshman year! I would keep band-aids, Advil/Tylenol, extra tissues and any cold/flu essentials in here. Getting sick freshman year is so easy because everyone shares a bathroom and common floor. Once one person gets sick, so does the whole floor! But, if you get sick you’ll be prepared and won’t have to rush to your local pharmacy near campus, which is bound to have higher priced items! Check out this cute first aid kit we found!

        10. Dorm Decorations

          This is one of the most important essential items for your freshman year of college. College is a new adventure, in a new place, with the opportunity of so many new friends and experiences. While that all sounds amazing (and it will be!), it can definitely be a scary adjustment. This is why filling your dorm with decorations, such as positive quotes and pictures of friends and family from home is super important. These decorations will make your room feel like home and it will be easier to adjust to your new college experience.

          Tip: Are you into gallery art walls? Check out bloom’s free printable here to use in your new dorm!


          I hope these college essential suggestions can help make your transition into college easier and your freshman year successful! Please feel free to reach out with any thoughts, suggestions or questions about any of the products mentioned. I would like to wish all the incoming freshman #bloomgirls an amazing first year in college and hope you continue to bloom into the best version of yourself throughout your four years!



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