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Back to School Giveaway!

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This giveaway has ENDED! Congratulations Olivia Morris! We loved reading about Olivia's goals for the upcoming year! Olivia's goals included: 1.) Eating breakfast at home, making coffee, and packing her own lunch! 2.) Being on time 3.) Following through!  Thanks to everyone who entered! We will be sending you all a little gift!  How would you like to go back to school in style with the ULTIMATE BLOOM BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY BUNDLE!?! We have so many different styles of planners and desk accessories, there is something for every type of bloom girl! We showed you what's in our backpacks, and...

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DIY Graduation Cap!

bloomgirl college DIY graduating graduation graduation caps organization planner planning plantobloom

It’s officially May which means the dreaded g-word (graduation) is upon me and all of my fellow classmates at the University of Delaware! May has been a special time for me and I have been full of mixed emotions. Happiness because I know that my future holds so many possibilities. Sadness because I know I have to say goodbye to the place I've called home for the past four years. But most importantly, it is the feeling of the unknown. Where will I be in a few months? Where are all of my friends going to be? What am I going to remember most about my four years of...

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5 Tips To Score Your Dream Internship!

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Applying to internships may seem like a daunting task, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! Your college years don’t last forever (although we wish they did) and it is definitely in your best interest to gain as much as experience as you can before they come to an end. As a college senior, I’ve done many things to gain experience and I’m here to give you some tips so you can fill your resume, too! Internships help you learn a lot about yourself and what you want to get out of your career. My internship at bloom has helped...

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Adjusting from College to the "Real World"

adult college goal setting goals organization plan to bloom planning realworld student transition

Transitions are tough, especially the transition from the college to the “real world.” College can offer some of the best years of your life; you’ll meet lifelong friends, have amazing opportunities, and find experiences you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, you get the chance to learn, explore, and start discovering who you are. The “college lifestyle” is definitely something you won’t get to experience again in life. No other time in your life is it going to be acceptable to spend your days sleeping in till 1, rolling into class with sweatpants on, eating whatever you want whenever you...

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