7-Day Guide to a Productive Week

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”. – Francis Of Assisi 

I'm sure you’ve experienced a really hectic, crazy busy week. Those type of weeks where you feel like you've got a million (and one) things to do and no time to do them. The ones where you feel exhausted, worn out, and discouraged. We've been there too and we're here to help share our tips on how to avoid those feelings of exhaustion during busy times and have a productive week! 

The power of productivity starts with creating your priorities and slowly making your way down your list of to-dos. We've created a 7-Day Guide to a Productive Week. By completing these simple productivity challenges each day, all of your to-dos can be easily achieved- making this week, one of your most productive weeks yet!

Sunday- Plan for the Week

Every Sunday, sit down and have some 1 on 1 time with your planner. Start by creating a rough schedule of what your week ahead looks like. First, focus on the monthly layout in your planner. Does any big date stand out to you like a deadline or exam? If so, carve out time around that date to either study or work on your project. Next, concentrate on your daily or weekly spread and write down appointments and meeting dates that can’t be missed. This will help you remember important times and eliminate scheduling something that will conflict with that time!

Remember to be as specific as you can with your to-dos. Avoid adding vague, overarching items to your daily to-do list. If your to-do items are vague, they will be hard to cross off, and then they will linger, making you feel unproductive. Instead, try breaking “bigger” to-dos into more specific, actionable steps! Remember, good to-do lists, like good goals, are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely).  


Monday- Declutter

A messy environment causes unnecessary stress and distraction! Every Monday, make sure your work environment is clean. This could be an office at work, or a room in your home, whenever you do most of your work.

An easy cleanup method I use is the “One Minute Rule”. This simple rule states that if you see something that takes one minute or less to do, you have to do it. For example, if your desk is dirty, and it takes less than one minute to wipe it down with a Kleenex, do it! If you stick to this rule, it eventually becomes a habit. Sticking to the one minute rule is definitely something you will thank yourself for later!

Tuesday- Focus on a Priority

Now that the week is in full effect, try cutting down some of your to-dos that aren’t necessary to complete this week. Focus only on your priorities. Here at the bloom office, we like to call our #1 priority our “Top One”. This allows us to focus on the #1 priority that we have to get done that week.

Need help prioritizing your to-dos? Start by writing down everything you want to get done on a Planning Pad. Then, take the three to-dos that you believe are “Must Dos” and start by completing those. If you complete your top three, move onto the other to-dos you wrote down that weren’t as urgent.

Wednesday- Midweek Party

Now that you have prioritized and started working on your must-do items, it’s time to celebrate! Wednesday is the middle of the week and deadlines start to pick up and your stress may start to rise. It’s important to always focus on yourself at the end of the day. So, on Wednesdays, challenge yourself to do something for YOU. Whether it be a workout class, mindfulness, or dinner out with your family. Carve out time for some self-love in the middle of the week!

Thursday- Plan for the Weekend

Thursdays are typically when those weekend thoughts start to kick in! Take advantage of your excitement over those exciting weekend plans, and make your time productive! Write some things down that you want to accomplish over the weekend in your planner. This will give your brain a break from work and give you time to focus on something happy and exciting. Taking breaks from work and school is essential to keep your creative flow and motivation going throughout the day.

Friday- Finishing Touches

Finish your priority to-dos before the weekend begins! For me, if I hold something off until Sunday, I know my anxiety will kick in when I’m supposed to be relaxing and having fun over the weekend. Go through your priorities and make sure they are completed before you begin your weekend. This will ensure maximum time for yourself over the weekend.

Saturday- Day Off

You worked hard all week, stayed productive, and completed more than you thought you could. Now, it is important to take the day off and just have fun. Do something that you love so your body and mind can rejuvenate for the upcoming week. 

These tips are easy ways to start having more productive and successful weeks. Focusing on these productivity tips will help center your thoughts and goals for the week and help you complete all your to-dos. Wishing you a happy and productive week #bloomgirl!


the bloom team 

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