Meet bloom's summer interns for 2022!

Get to know this wonderful team by reading a bit about them below!

2022 bloom interns

A little bit about us: We are a group of young ladies who attend, or have recently graduated from, the University of Delaware! We are creative problem solvers and we absolutely love our daily tasks here in the bloom office. We put on lots of fun hats throughout the day, while we ship orders, respond to social media comments, make game plans for marketing, record reels, and so much more. 

What year are you in college and what's your major?

Kayla: I am a rising senior, which is crazy to say! I feel like I was just a freshman!
I am a Visual Communications major, and I focus on advertising and branding within my major.

Sakal: Crazy enough I am a rising Junior! I always heard college goes by fast
but I was definitely not expecting this! I am a media communications major
and I can confidently say it is definitely the major for me!

Cailee: I am a rising senior, whew, where did the time go? I am a Marketing
and Management double major at the University of Delaware.

Paige: I am actually a recent college graduate as of December 2021!
I graduated with a major in Political Science and a minor in Social Innovation
and Entrepreneurship.

Now we know the basics- What about the fun stuff?!

Kayla: When I’m not in the bloom office, you can definitely find me thrifting,
at antique shops, and almost always at a cafe on Main Street. My favorite
coffee shops to visit are Little Goat and Brew HaHa! 

Sakal: Before I was a bloom employee I received my 1st degree black belt in Chinese Martial Arts. Aside from kung fu, I enjoy nature, singing, and spending time with friends and family. 

Cailee: I absolutely love to read! When I have downtime, you can almost always find me curled up with a good book. I also love traveling! Last year I took a solo trip to Hawaii and it was one of the most rewarding trips I have taken yet.
This summer I’ll be traveling to Europe with my family so I’m very excited
about my first adventure abroad!

Paige: When I leave the office, the first thing I do when I get home is curl up with my cat Jasper! When I’m not hanging out with him, I’m either at the thrift store or scouring Facebook marketplace for unique clothes and furniture. My favorite find to date was my waterfall-style dresser, which dates to the 1940s! Other than that,
I really enjoy drawing. Whether it's on pencil on paper or digitally on my iPad,
I can get lost creating for hours.

Why did you want to be a part of the bloom team?

Kayla: I wanted to be a part of bloom to be surrounded by amazing, like-minded people, and to gain work experience that would push me to maintain a positive mindset, challenge my ideas, and allow me to creatively explore how to advertise and help operate a women-led business. The environment here is so upbeat,
and I look forward to the time I get to spend with each employee every day!

Sakal: The main reason I joined the bloom team is because of their heart and mission. Bloom has a huge heart for others and they inspire me to put a smile on someone's face every day. Another reason I wanted to be a part of bloom’s team is that I LOVE all things stationery and thought organization.  As a student keeping all my assignments, meetings, and classes in line would be impossible. Bloom is an essential part of being organized.  

Cailee: I wanted to be a part of the bloom team because I wanted to work
for a company that not only values its customers but values giving back to the community. bloom is more than a planner company, it is a support system and
a community for its customers. Their dedication to helping others bloom is truly inspiring and has allowed for my own personal and professional growth.

Paige: I wanted to be a part of the bloom team because they are more than
a company, they are a family. bloom cares about so much more than selling products and making profits, they care about making a measurable difference. From their involvement with programs such as the Hildeback Foundation and
Give Kids the World, among many other extraordinary things, bloom leads by example. I feel in a more perfect world all companies would put worth the effort into giving back that bloom does and I’m truly honored to have the opportunity
to be a part of this family.

What will you be doing day-to-day at bloom? 

Kayla: In the mornings I assist with packing orders, and throughout the day I get involved in creating educational and funny Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and brainstorming and implementing marketing ideas for bloom. Other tasks include writing articles for, writing fun captions for our posts,
and interacting with the awesome ladies in our
Facebook Community Group! 

Sakal: My day at bloom begins with assisting in shipping out orders. As the day goes on I attend meetings with the other interns and employees, and I work on crossing tasks off my to-do list for the day. Usually, some of my to-do’s include: writing articles, thinking of captions or content ideas, and researching within the planning community. 

Cailee: Since I work on the operations side mostly, my day-to-day at bloom consists of packaging and shipping orders, processing amazon returns, and managing our imperfect inventory on both our website and Mercari! But this summer, I’m super excited to get the chance to work more on social media
& creating content for both Instagram and TikTok!

Paige: Day-to-day at bloom always begins with the basics. Alongside my fellow interns, I pack and ship orders, process amazon returns, and manage our in-office inventory. When those tasks are complete, I have free range to decide how the rest of my day will go! I write articles for the blog we are launching soon at, draft emails to reach out and build relationships with brands, interact with our Facebook Community Group!, brainstorm and create social media content, and, my all-time favorite, draw stickers to assist our graphic design team.

What is your BEST productivity hack or planning tip?

Kayla: My best productivity hack is to find ways to make yourself excited about completing your tasks and to-dos. I love decorating my to-do lists and making
my planner spreads look visually pleasing with lots of colors. The fun visuals encourage me to feel excited about the tasks!

Sakal: My best hack for planning and productivity is definitely color coding! I love assigning different classes to a certain color. This allows me to write down the task without having to write down which class it is for. Not only is this a great
way to stay organized, but it’s also a cute way to decorate your planner with fun, vibrant colors.  

Cailee: My best planning tip is to set time aside monthly, weekly, and daily to plan! I usually set aside 15 minutes on the first of the month to work on my monthly spread, 15 minutes every Sunday to work on my weekly spread, and about 5-10 each morning to list out my daily to-dos in my bound-to-do book! Life gets super overwhelming at times but setting aside time to plan helps to calm the chaos!

Paige: I am someone whose productivity and motivation fluctuate throughout the day which can be really frustrating when I have important to-dos I need to get done. When I feel my motivation slipping, something that reignites my spark is watching videos of people doing what it is I need to get done. This is super helpful for all aspects of my life. When I need the motivation to plan, I watch a YouTube video of someone filling out and decorating their planner, and when I need to clean and declutter I throw Marie Kondo up on my screen. Sometimes simple tasks overwhelm me when they pile up, but doing this helps me get back on track.

Why did you start planning?

Kayla: I started planning as a student, who balances tons of different classes
and assignments. I like to track my assignments and their progress, and planning helps me do so. I also love planning because I find a lot of comfort in knowing what to expect of my day. Oftentimes, life feels very out of control, and putting
a schedule/tasks down on paper gives me a sense of control and ease!

Sakal: The reason I started planning is that I became a college student! In high school, using a planner was not really necessary for me personally. However, when I went to college, I was in for a rude awakening. It was impossible to keep track of class, assignments due dates, and meetings without writing them down.
I quickly came to realize my need for a planner.

Cailee: I’ve been using a planner for as long as I can remember! My teachers started requiring us to have one in the first grade, so for my entire academic career, I’ve used one. It taught me discipline and the power of organization from
a young age and has been a game-changer throughout the years! As I’ve gotten older, it has become less of a chore and more of a choice. I love having all of my important dates and deadlines all in one place and keeps me calm in the craziest of times!

Paige: I used a planner throughout high school and college to keep track of my homework, but during the pandemic, I had to step up my game. I was missing assignments and forgetting about classes, and my grades were beginning to reflect it. Navigating the world of online, self-taught, college classes was something I was not prepared for in the slightest. I began digital planning by creating color-coded excel sheets of every assignment I had due for the semester, organized by the due date. This kept me on top of every assignment for my online classes and turned my semester around. Now that I’ve graduated, I use a physical planner to keep track of my internship and personal to-dos.

What is your favorite bloom product?

Kayla: My favorite bloom product is the Vision Planner with the Garden Blooms cover design! The vision planner is sturdy, gives me lots of room in a vertical style to write my tasks each day, and I love the size of the monthly spreads. 

Sakal: My absolute favorite bloom products are the Hard Cover Vision Planner
& Calendar. I love the
Blue Earthy Abstract and Wanderlust covers. I love this planner because it has everything I love in a planner: organization, a calendar,
and motivation. I also love how big it is, it gives me tons of room to write down everything I need. 

Cailee: My favorite bloom product is the Bound To-do Book! I have the Celestial cover, but you can’t go wrong with any of the other cover options. The layout is absolutely perfect for me; I’m able to list out my top priorities & important times
in a separate section than my to-do list which I absolutely adore. I also love the sections for meal and exercise tracking, and there’s even a gratitude section that keeps me grounded. It truly has everything I could possibly need to keep me organized daily!

Paige: This might be the hardest question I’ve had to answer. Us interns are fortunate to have first dibs on damaged products that cannot be sold which means I’ve tested a large variety of our inventory. My personal go-to is my Blue Crystal Vision Planner. I really appreciate the monthly vision sheets at the beginning of each month. It’s a place for me to set my intentions for the month and a great tool to reference when setting my three top priorities for the week.
The vertical layout is new to me with this planner but I’ve grown to love it!

Thanks so much for learning about our newest intern team! 

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