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How to Use Your bloom Notebook

Our notebooks are as versatile as the people who use them! Our notebooks provide a blank slate to enable you to plan out your thoughts and ideas and accomplish anything you set your mind to do! Uses for our notebook can vary based on the life you live. We know every bloom girl is different, so we put together some suggestions for every type of person who uses our products!

The Student:

  • To-do lists - the best way to keep yourself organized

  • Taking notes in class

  • Homework :/

  • Meal planning - a crucial part of fueling your brain to be the best student you can be!

  • Goals - in and out of class

The Parent:

  • Grocery list & meal planning - to help you stay on track and within budget
  • Weekly finances
  • Family schedules
  • Vacation ideas - where do you want to go next?
  • Funny things your kids say 

The Athlete:

  • Practice & game schedule

  • Workouts - records & goals

  • Food log - we won’t tell anyone about your cheat meal ;)

  • Teammates - bonding ideas & contact info

The Dreamer:

  • Middle of the night ideas - we all have ‘em, keep track of them!

  • Goals - daily, weekly, monthly, none should go unnoticed

  • Dreams - write them down & conquer them

The Teacher:

  • To do’s - grading, homework, copies (better call dibs on that machine!)

  • Lesson plans - movie day anyone?

  • Student information - parent contact info, detention, and favorites (shhhh)

  • Information for substitute teacher - for those much needed personal days ;)

  • Why you became a teacher - a little reminder when things get too crazy

 The Bride:

  • Engagement story - the little things you will never want to forget

  • Guest list and seating chart - hello headache!

  • Bridal party - who makes the cut?

  • Day of checklist - who’s got the champagne?!

  • Honeymoon goals - where, when & how long can we get off of work?!


  • Notes & appointments - being an adult means you can’t “forget” about your dentist appointment anymore...

  • Daily chores and tasks
  • Lyrics & favorite quotes - if you can’t get it out of your head, write it down!

  • Something exciting happening this month!


How do you use YOUR notebook? Let us know in the comments! You can shop all of bloom's new notebook patterns here! 


the bloom daily planners team

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