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Featured #bloomgirl: Rachel Mahalow; Health and Fitness Coach!

This month’s featured #bloomgirl is Rachel Mahalow! We are so excited to introduce you to Rachel. Rachel was one of our very first bloom brand ambassadors and a close friend of the bloom team. We are so inspired by Rachel's knowledge, drive, and passion! Read more about her below!
Tell us a little bit about you!
My name is Rachel Mahalow. I am passionate about all thing’s health and wellness. I take a very holistic approach to nutrition coaching and fitness. Nutrition is very individualistic and there are many aspects to staying healthy! "Health" is about way more than just the food we consume (i.e mindful movement). Holistic wellness includes the thoughts you have about yourself, the stress you do or don’t manage, the quality sleep you get, and the workouts you enjoy doing. I share my passion on my Instagram page @soyumsofun.
How did your fitness/health journey start?
My fitness and health journey started in high school, right before entering college. I enjoyed playing volleyball and going to the gym, but my approach toward health and wellness changed when I changed my own thoughts around food and working out. For so long, I lived under the ideals of being a “nutrition student”. I felt I had to be the healthiest version of myself so people didn’t think I was a fraud. That meant an hour (minimum) in the gym everyday, salads for every meal, no fats, etc. This, at the time, was “health” to me and for a lot of nutrition students that I know.
My real journey and passion came when I discovered functional medicine, and how food has the power to do so much more than affect your outward appearance. And how sometimes not moving at all (i.e meditation), and eating healthy fats have so many powerful health benefits for us all. Food and movement work synergistically to create a happy and healthier version of yourself.
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I looked towards a lot of influencers in the space of mindfulness and functional medicine. Some very mainstream influencers and a lot of other "out of the box" influencers. I like to get a variety of what there is to offer in the wellness space. My top favorite Instagram platforms are Mark Hyman, MD who is a highly recognized functional medicine doctor and host of the podcast Doctors Farmacy. In addition, to Kelly LeVeque who is a nutritionist in CA. I started taking more strides in teaching virtual fitness when I discovered Melissa Wood and Megan Roup.
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced, personally or professionally? How have you overcome it?
I think the biggest challenge thus far has definitely been the circumstances faced currently with COVID-19. Up until two weeks ago, I was on track to finishing my graduate program and dietetic internship in August 2020, but it seems like it might get pushed until October or later. I have no idea currently. It has truly taught me the importance of cherishing the journey rather than the reward. I know I will become a Registered Dietitian; I am not worried about that. The title is just going to come later than I originally planned and even then it’s just a title. I believe there is a point to this challenge and hope to continue to see the positive that will come from it.
If you could talk to yourself 5 years ago, what advice would you give yourself?
I would tell myself to go out and do the darn thing regardless of the critics. It’s so much more commendable when you tell yourself that you have the capabilities to overcome boundaries regardless of if you mess up or not. Change the conversation that you have with yourself. You’ll never regret learning something new about yourself – whether it’s strengths or weaknesses.
What are some key books/learning experiences that helped shape you?
My biggest learning experience has been my meditation practice. It started off as something I wanted to “try” to be more relatable in the wellness space and because the research surrounding it was profound. Now, I can hardly go a day without just sitting down to be with myself. I look at meditation as the one thing I owe to myself each day! When I am a less anxious and not as easily stressed out and grounded version of myself—everyone who is in my presence naturally follows suit and the interactions I have with others just become so important and meaningful. Because of my daily meditations, there is a deeper connection with everyone I encounter.
What are your favorite bloom products, and why?
Naturally, I love to plan because it helps me stay sane and helps me to refocus when I feel out of whack or unmotivated. I truly love the designs of the softcover planners and the stickers are such an added bonus to keep your motivation and spirits high! When your planner looks good, you feel good. That’s my motto. I use the Health and Fitness Stickers in my planner! 
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