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Featured #bloomgirl: Jessica Gingrich; super #BLOOMGIRL!

This month’s featured #bloomgirl is Jessica Gingrich! We are so excited to introduce you to Jessica, one of our most loyal customers who has blown us away with her thoughtfulness, positivity, and kindness. We are in awe of the light that Jessica shines no matter her circumstances.

Tell us about yourself! 

I am a 40-year-old child of God, mother to a nine-year-old little girl, stepmother of a fifteen and sixteen-year-old boy and girl, and wife to one amazing and supportive husband of ten years. Born and raised in the southern state of Mississippi, I work as a full-time caregiver where I sit with the elderly. My passion is to help with AA organizations in my town where I guide people pursuing a 12 step program. It is so rewarding to support them as they strive to achieve their goals and live a life without drugs and alcohol.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I draw inspiration from so many people in my life that it's hard to just choose one. I have an amazing mom who stands by me in the choices I make, a wonderful husband who pushes me to never give up, great friends who are always there when I need them and a supportive church family. But most of all my God! Without him, I wouldn't have been given a new life. The love and forgiveness he shows me daily gives me the strength to live, love and have a happy life.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced, personally or professionally? How did you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge I have faced is a very touchy subject but I believe sharing the story of my struggle may have the power to help someone. In my younger days, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I hit rock bottom, losing everything and just about everyone in my life. I was so consumed by my addiction, I didn't care who I hurt in the process. I would do whatever it took to get what I wanted. Even if it meant hurting someone along the way, I would do it without hesitation... This went on for several years until one day, I woke up and realized I had to change my life because if I didn't, I would end up in jail or dead.

I turned to the only solution I knew and that was God... I chose to stand by him and his word just like he chose to stand by me on my darkest days. I realized he never gave up on me when everyone else did.  I got clean and started working a 12 step program. Here I am today - 13 years clean and sober.

So, if there is anyone out there struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. There is help.  Choose today to make a change. God loves you! 

If you could talk to yourself 5 years ago, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself not to worry so much and that whatever I put my mind to, I can achieve it. With God by my side, anything is possible. 

How do you keep such a positive attitude despite life's challenges?

I keep a positive attitude by focusing on nothing but good in life. I try to keep away from negativity and things that are only going to bring me down or put me in a bad mood. I call that a funk! I focus on things that will bring me joy in life and take all my thoughts to prayer. I feel prayer is very powerful and important. I do it daily to keep myself on a good track. 

What are your favorite bloom products, and why?

My favorite bloom products are the inspirational card lines! I never leave home without my Encouragement Cards. I keep a few in my purse all the time because you never know who you will run into that's having a rough day. Gifting them something as little as a card with inspiration may be just what they need to turn their whole day around. Plus, I love making people smile! 

I also love the Ultimate Planner & Notebook! It helps me stay on track with school, work, and doctor’s appointments. I have so much fun with the coloring pages and I’ve been learning to bullet journal with the dot grid pages.

Do you know someone doing something amazing in your community? Nominate them to be a featured #bloomgirl by emailing us at! 


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