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6 Ways to Start Your Day Better

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Ideally, we all wish we could wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. However, most of us can't face the morning rise without a fresh cup of coffee to wake us up. Take these five tips into consideration to improve the morning slump. 

1) Become an early riser

Obviously this is often easier said than done, but you will surely thank yourself once you master the art of early mornings. Waking up refreshed instead of groggy is a true game changer and can be accomplished by one simple task: get your full 8 hours of sleep! Even if this means sacrificing that last episode of your favorite show, close your laptop and collect your Z's. Waking up early allows you to fit time in for energizing workouts, wholesome breakfasts, and a little time to do whatever is it that makes you feel alive! Most importantly, resisting the snooze button insures that you will avoid any crazy rush to get ready and out of the house! 

2) Choose a motivational mug

A simple switch to a motivational mug can seriously brighten your morning mood. Not only does it have the important job of holding your magic morning cup of coffee or tea, but it's also a subtle reminder not to take everything so seriously. Plus, finding adorable mugs can become quite an addictive hobby, so clear out your cabinet space!

                                       We love this mug from Click and Blossom!

3) Mix in a Fun Playlist!

Whether it's a favorite radio station or a personal playlist, music truly does improve your mood. Sing your heart out! Music will help you focus on getting out the door on time and distract you from any negative thoughts. Want something more scholarly? Download some audiobooks that you have been dying to read and play them on your ride to work or school! They are an awesome way to expand your intellect and productivity on your daily commute. 
 Our fall feels playlist on Spotify is a great way to get your day started!
4) Send a Thoughtful Text

Communication is important. Telling your loved ones, or even a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, that you're thinking of them is a sure turn-around for any one's day. Even if there's only time for a good morning and emoji text, the receiving end will be more than thankful for a great early start. 


5) Change up your wardrobe

Picking your outfit is half the battle in the morning- so cut out that wasted time by laying out your clothes the night before. If you have enough time, or feel extra motivated, fitting in an early workout or packing gym clothes is a great motivator and easy endorphin booster before you start your day. Remember the excitement before picture day would keep you up at night as a kid? A new outfit or vibrant accessory is a great way to renew yourself and feel confident in the morning. It especially allows you to look forward to waking up! 

6) Reflect

If you have extra time in the morning, reflection is a solid way to boost your mood. Whether it's silently to yourself while brushing your teeth or jotting your gratitude in a planner of journal, there's only gain from thanks and positivity! Setting aside a few minutes to reflect on all of the positives in your life is an outstanding way to make your day a little happier. 
Hope these 6 tips will brighten up your morning routine! Have a favorite mood-boosting way to get your day started? Let us know your best tips in the comments below! 

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