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bloom's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We love the quote "If you don't learn to be thoughtful, you end up regretting missed opportunities to demonstrate love." - Alex Kendrick.

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate love by gifting someone a thoughtful, unique item that is so uniquely "them!" We've rounded up our favorite gift items for the 2015 season, and we've tried to include something for everyone! We hope this list gets your creative juices flowing and helps you in your quest of finding the perfect, thoughtful gift! Let us know of any of your favorite items that we might have missed in the comments! 


1. Rewined Candles 2. Slouchy Hat 3. Record Player 4. State Necklace 5. Teacher Planner 6. Quote Canvas 7. Vision Planner 8. Knitted Planner Coozie 9. Gold Initial Mug 10. Planner Tassles 11. AlphaBooks 12. Custom Picnic

1. Rewined Candles: If you checked out last year's gift guide, these should look familiar. Yes, they're THAT GOOD! We discovered these candles at a tradeshow we attended and literally ordered a full box of them to split up and gift to friends and family. These candles are made from recycled wine bottles, and smell like all different kinds of wine and seasonal beverages. These candles are so potent they don't even need to be lit to freshen up a room! Our personal favorite scents are "chardonnay" and "sangria." These are a great gift for someone who loves wine, or for anyone who just loves the coziness a delicious smelling candle provides on a cold winter's night!

2. Slouchy Hat:  Winter is here and it's getting really chilly! We love this cozy, simple but stylish slouchy hat from one of our favorite stores, TJ Maxx!

3. Record Player: This ones a bit pricey, but it's so unique and a great gift for any trendy music lover! Spending an afternoon listening to Adele's new album on vinyl on this beauty? Yes, please!

4. State Necklace: Have a long distance family member or BFF? This is a really thoughtful gift to help them remember "there's no place like home!" You could even order two as modern "best friends" necklaces, and keep eachother's current locations (literally) close to your heart.

5. Teacher Planner: Thank a teacher in your life for all they do to help others "bloom" with our new Teacher Planner! This colorful planner is filled with inspirational quotes and lesson planning tools to keep teachers focused throughout the year. With full color printing, tabs and pockets, this planner has "the works!"

6. Quote Canvas: Can you tell how much we love gold? We love this pretty handlettered, gold foil canvas! There are tons of different quotes to chose from, but this one seems to be our favorite daily reminder!

7. Vision Planner: Give the gift of an inspired 2016 with our new Vision Planner. This is our FAVORITE new product and we can't wait to start using it in January! This planner is designed to help you achieve all of your goals and visions for 2016, and has monthly challenges, reflection tools and accountability checks to keep you on track! This is the perfect gift for the planner lover in your life!

8. Knitted Planner Coozie: What goes better with planning than COFFEE?! And what goes better on coffee than an adorable hand-knitted coozie with a little planner on it?! We can't get over how cute all of the items from Paper Princess Plans are! Even if you're not a morning person, starting your day with a coffee and this coozie is bound to make you smile.

9. Gold Initial Mug: Personalized gifts always feel a little more thoughtful. We love this classy initial mug from Anthropologie. If you're the kind of person that loves to take pictures of your desk, this mug is totally "instagram-worthy!" Plus it feels like a steal at only $10.

10. Planner Tassles: Another gem from Paper Princess Plans! We told you we loved her store. These are a really cute way to mark the current day in your planner, and just add an overall elegance and fun flair to your planner!

 11. AlphaBooks: These are the cutest, most unique books! You can order any letter, plus the "&" sign, and you can mix and match your patterns per book! Spell out "LOVE," "READ," order your initials... the combinations of letters and patterns are endless!

12. Custom Picnic: We love the idea of gifting an experience, and this picnic set for two is just too adorable! This picnic set features NY sourced cheese, bread, jam, nuts and caramels! The set also includes plates, a knife, and a picnic tote. This is a fun gift for a significant other that extends the fun of Christmas to another day to enjoy together!


Did we miss anything you love?! Let us know in the comments. Happy gifting, #bloomgirls! 


Kaylyn & Michelle






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