7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day, like most holidays in 2020, is going to look quite different this year. Whether you’re in a relationship, single, dating, married, or “it’s complicated.” Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love. The love you have for yourself, for others, for the world, for a pet, or anything you care about! Everyone deserves a little something special on Valentine’s Day. You may not be able to go out for that dinner you dreamed of or you may not even be able to see your significant other, but don’t let those obstacles stop you from enjoying the day. Here are seven creative ways to still celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021. 

1. Make a Charcuterie Board 

One of our favorite trends are charcuterie boards. This is an easy way to spice up any date night. The variety and styles of boards are endless. Normally, a charcuterie board consists of a variety of meats and cheeses with nuts and fruits included. We want to encourage you to get creative! Here are some inspiration boards we love! 

Check out our favorite Charcuterie Board Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/lc_designsnyc/

2. Have an At Home Movie Night 

Bring the movie theatre vibe right home to your own couch! Make your favorite cocktail and grab some snacks. Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. To make it even more romantic, light a few candles. Some top movies that we love are: La La Land, Love Actually, and PS I Love You

3. Have a Game Night

For all the competitive people out there, this one's for you! Board games are always a fun way to connect with your friends, family, and significant others and a great way to keep things fun. Go dig for that old box of Monopoly or Scrabble that you haven't played in years. Check out bloom's new playing cardsThese playing cards were designed with the intention of bringing friends and family together to connect, make memories, and to help happiness bloom! Some of our favorite two player card games are Rummy, Speed, and Crazy Eights! Shop here for bloom Playing Cards.


4. Order Take Out or Cook 

Valentine’s Day dinners will definitely look a little different this year. We know that the current COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled a lot of dinner plans for many people. A great way to treat yourself is by ordering takeout from a local restaurant and supporting a small business near you! 

If takeout isn’t an option, get creative at home and make your favorite dinner! Check out our go-to Instagram account for finding weekly food recipes: @halfbakedharvest. Two of our favorite recipes are the Crispy Cauliflower Tinga Tacos and One Pot Spicy Alla Vodka Pizza Pasta


5. Get Crafty 

You’re never too old to tell someone how much you love them with a homemade card! Get crafty and create some DIY Valentine’s Day Cards. Need some help? We've created some for you! 

Wrap your favorite bottle of wine with these empowering wine labels.


We also offer a free Valentine Word Scramble and a Valentine's Day Bingo Board on our website! Get your creative juices flowing and find these printables here.


6. Celebrate with Friends

Don’t have a Valentine this year? Celebrate #GALentines Day instead with all those lovely women in your life!

7. Practice Some Self-Care

If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone, that’s great, too! There is nothing more important than loving yourself first. Here are some ideas to practice some self-care and fill your own cup:

No matter how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day, February is a month of spreading love! Leave a little note around the house and see how you make someone else smile. Comment below what your special Valentine’s Day plans are, whether you’re spending it with your significant other, your girlfriends, or alone! 


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