Featured bloom girl, Emily D!

We’re so excited to announce our newest featured bloom girl, Emily Drake! bloom is headquarted in Newark, Delaware and Emily is currently Miss First State United States 2014 and a contestant in Miss Delaware USA 2015! We asked Emily a few questions about her experiences in the pageant world, her philanthropy work that goes along with it, and her advice to other women. *What is your favorite part of being in pageants?* I know some people may see competing in pageants as superficial or vain, but what most don’t understand is the microphone that comes with a title. Winning a pageant and holding a title allows you to spread awareness for your platform and other social causes dear to your heart. I have always held a special place in my heart for children with physical and mental disabilities. When I was in middle school I was a camp counselor for Kidz Camp at the Mary Campbell Center. In high school, I was a “buddy” for our Buddy Program where we mentored children at Richardson Park Elementary. And now I am becoming the State Director for the Delaware Miss Amazing pageant. The Miss Amazing pageant is a pageant for girls with physical and mental disabilities; they compete in evening gown, talent, and an outfit of their choice. *What is the most rewarding part of working with the children in the Miss Amazing Pageant?* It is so amazing to see these girls having the time of their life and feeling more beautiful than ever! They are making friends, building confidence, and having an experience they will never forget. Check out missamazingpageant.com for more details. As I compete for the last time in Miss Delaware USA, I know my goal is not just to bring home a shiny crown and wear a beautiful elaborate gown, but to bring attention to my platform and shine light on all of the amazing things Delaware has to offer. *How does your bloom planner help you achieve your goals?* There is so much planning that goes into competing for a pageant; prep starts about a year before competition. You have to raise sponsorship, get photo shoots, pick out your attire, practice interview, and raise money towards your platform. Without my bloom planner keeping my life in order, I would be a wreck. I love a paper planner and organizer, not just my calendar in my cell phone. I also have a career in commercial real estate with Emory Hill and balancing work and pageantry can be tough at times. Fortunately, the Virgo in me is a meticulous planner and scheduler so everything seems to work out with a little help from bloom! *What advice would you give other women?* Take chances to achieve the things that matter to you. There is no reward without risk and as Lucille Ball says, “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” Lastly, do what makes you happy. Life is so short to be unhappy and you will be a more productive member of society if you choose happiness. We can’t wait for the results of Miss Delaware and we know Emily will do great! Please consider helping Emily reach her fundraising goals through sponsorship at www.gofundme.com/emilydrake. We encourage all of our bloom girls to continue to follow their dreams and keep on blooming! Xoxo, Michelle & Kaylyn

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