Featured bloom girl - Amanda Bordeaux

We are so excited to announce our first featured bloom girl, Amanda Bordeaux! Amanda reached out to us to share the story of the babysitting business she started, Stellar Sitters. We loved her enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit so much that we wanted to share her story with all of you. Amanda started her business in 2004 when she was a senior in college. "After getting overwhelmed with the number of families who needed babysitters, I started selling a list of sitters for $5 back in 2004 and the rest is history! It was an instant success and families in the area loved "The Babysitting List." Through the years, I've been able to grow the business by asking my clients what needs they had and have created different services and membership options to meet those needs." bloomplanner Sound familiar? That's exactly how bloom started! Asking customers what they wanted and making it happen has been our key to success! We love Amanda's ambition and that she started such a fabulous business while she was still in school. We asked Amanda for some words of wisdom to share with other bloom girls, and she sent us an entire word document of advice! They are all so insightful and uplifting, it's no wonder that she is such a successful young woman. We've included a few of our favorite pieces of advice from Amanda below: -Go above and beyond what is expected. -Go after your passion so you will “love what you do”. -Think outside the box. -Overcommunicate. -Be proactive; not reactive. -Focus on the “haves”, not the “have nots”. -Be open-minded. -Call your mom. -Take advantage of opportunities. -Do the right thing, even when no one is watching. -Life’s not about how much you make; it’s how much of a difference you make. -Believe in yourself. Have an “I can” attitude. -Forgive quickly. -Look for the good in people and situations. -Enter contests. Someone has to win. -Small things done over time make a big difference. -Don’t wait until Friday to have fun. -Ask others “How can I help?” -You don’t know if you don’t ask. -Work hard and play hard. You can learn more about Amanda' and her business at StellarSitters.com. Have a similar story you want to share? Email us at bloom@studentmediagroup.com for the chance to be a featured bloom girl and get a free planner! Keep up the awesomeness, ladies! XOXO, Michelle & Kaylyn

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