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Plan(t) to bloom!


Having fun rediscovering all your favorite fall scarves but secretly missing the warm weather? Enjoying the changing leaves but actually preferring spring flowers? We are too! We started looking at our calendars, thinking ahead, and realized that this is just the right time of year to put our green thumbs to good use and plan(t) to bloom ;) You got it! It’s right around this time that you want to break out your shovel and your cutest pair of gardening gloves to plant your spring bulbs (for those of you that aren’t master gardeners, yes, you have to plant spring blooming bulbs in the fall). The exact time of year you want to plant them depends on the climate zone you’re in, but the general rule is to plant bulbs around the time of the first frost in your area or at least six weeks before the ground freezes in winter. So, what flowers do you plant this time of year? Some of our favorites are: Tulips, Daffodils, and Crocuses. You can’t go wrong with the classics. They’re all bright and come in a wide variety of colors. And what we love the most about all of these flowers is how easy they are to plant. Daffodils-Tulips-Crocuses-Hyacinths-Bed-485x728 Once you purchase your bulbs of choice (if you have to store them a little while before planting, be sure to keep them somewhere cool and dry) and are ready to plant, pick a place in your garden that’s sunny and not too wet (for example, not at the bottom of a hill). Dig up the soil so it’s loose enough to manipulate. All bulbs should be planted pointy end up – big bulbs roughly 8” deep and small bulbs 5” deep (check bulb packaging for specifics). And then, cover them back up, and you’re done! Just a few extra tips: -       Fertilizer isn’t necessary the first year you plant bulbs, but if you     want them to keep coming back year after year, put a little organic fertilizer on top of the soil in the bulbs’ second year. Again, planning ahead! -       Why plant one bulb when you can plant a whole bunch?! Plant bulbs in clusters so the colors in your garden really pop (Hint: tall bulbs like tulips/daffodils in the back and short bulbs, like crocuses, in the front so you can see them!). Happy gardening! We can’t wait to see your beautiful gardens come next spring! While you're at it, maybe take a second glance at that to-do list…What else can you do to plan to bloom this Fall?

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